Best in Show: The International Agriculture Fair in Paris

Best in Show: The International Agriculture Fair in Paris

Every March in Paris a particular ritual welcomes an eclectic crowd on foot, hoof, and paw. Farmers, growers, winemakers, cheesemakers, artisans and craftsmen from the six corners of the Hexagon bring the best of land and sea to one destination: Le Salon International de l’Agriculture. Here’s our report from the 58th edition.

A focus on the future of food ©Sylvia Davis

“Attention! Restez sur le côtés!” cry out the minders as prize cattle amble along their way to the milking station, mingling with the crowd as if it was just another day at the farmyard. One of them is 4-year-old Neige, this year’s mascot, a prime 650kg specimen of the Abondance breed from the Alps. Along the way Neige crosses a pop group on their way to the stage.

Mild-mannered ‘Neige’ is the show’s magnificent ambassador ©Sylvia Davis

On the next stand a group of folk dancers just finished their routine to the delight of the crowd. There is an energy everywhere; it’s busy, it’s vibrant, it feels entirely… what is the word? Normal!

Strictly folk dancing ©Sylvia Davis

Jean-Luc Poulain, President of the International Agricultural Show, had said early in the planning stages that he was confident that visitors would show up to the rendezvous. Over 85 percent of exhibitors had already confirmed their presence four months ahead, but as for the general public? They’d have to wait and see.

Corsica cheeses ©Sylvia Davis

Well, if opening day is any indication, 2022 will be remembered as a banner year. As we talked to exhibitors from different sectors, they all agreed that visitor numbers on the first day were like they had never seen before. Perhaps it is these past two years of travel restrictions and limited gatherings, or the forced closure of the salon in 2021, that made the heart grow fonder. Exhibitors at Le Rucher du Grand Jardin added that the number of people was very encouraging, and the sales of their organic honey were following suit.

The famed wines of Burgundy ©Sylvia Davis

The team at Burgundy winemakers Maison Charles Rébillon said they noticed not just the huge crowds but that they were also seeing a lot of young faces, more than previous years. The bond between farm and table appears to be stronger than ever.

A fun cooking demo ©Sylvia Davis

The theme this year “”Agriculture: our daily life, your future” answers to the way consumers nowadays are ever more attentive to the quality of their food, and the essential role of farmers and their daily work. Now, more than ever, the challenge is to build a common future.

Brittany’s cooking ©Sylvia Davis

There is an overall focus on sustainability, biodiversity, reducing impact on the environment, and the future of food as a connecting thread among a majority of growers and producers, from the small scale to the large, established, multinational brands. Some exhibitors sell their wares, others show off their savoir-faire, others perform an educational role. Most of them, besides for these few days sharing an arena, would rarely cross paths at any other time.

France TV live broadcast ©Sylvia Davis

Far from frozen in tradition, the fair is a thriving showcase of advances in technology and science. One cow collar for example, instead of the quaint metal bell, features a solar panel on each side, and connects to the farmer’s smartphone to draw a virtual fence that will trigger a melody if the animal exceeds the limit, adding a little zap if needed.

Shows and juried competitions ©Sylvia Davis

As we strolled from hall to hall, we realized there’s no way to see it all in one day- the exhibition is immense, with over 1,000 exhibitors.

Live music at #SIA2022 ©Sylvia Davis

There are juried competitions, performances, prizes, music, wine tastings, and cooking demonstrations. Wherever you look there is something bright, interesting, or entertaining, in a spirited celebration of the bounty of the French farmland and the know-how and passion for quality of its artisans.


Salon International de l’agriculture
Until March 6, 2022
Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles
9am to 7pm daily

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  •  Hoof Trimming
    2023-05-31 06:53:21
    Hoof Trimming
    The Agriculture Fair in Paris sounds like an incredible event that celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of France. The article beautifully captures the vibrant atmosphere and diverse exhibits, from livestock competitions to delicious food showcases. It's heartwarming to see the dedication of farmers and the connection between urban and rural communities. Thank you, France Today, for highlighting this captivating experience!


  •  Rogério Marinho
    2023-03-20 02:08:02
    Rogério Marinho
    Festival de Vinhos Franceses é uma experiência única que não deve ser desperdiçada. É uma oportunidade única de experimentar os vinhos franceses e aprender sobre sua história e cultura. É uma celebração cheia de diversão, com competições, performances, prêmios, música, degustações de vinhos e demonstrações de culinária. É a chance perfeita para celebrar a generosidade das terras agrícolas francesas e o know-how e paixão pelos seus artesãos. Se você é um amante de vinhos ou apenas curioso sobre o assunto, o Festival de Vinhos Franceses é uma experiência que não deve ser perdida.


  • Pat Hacker
    2022-03-02 20:57:40
    Pat Hacker
    I have been several times, a great way to spend the day, One time I was talking to a critter, dont remember if it was a donkey lamb or goat, so long ago, and it was in English, his/her handler came up to me and said "he doesn't speak English. got a kick out of that--they also used to have dog shows, but not all breeds at once, they alternated breeds so many days for this group, so many for another etc . BUT don't go on a weekend, I did once and it was packed wall to wall people you could hardly move .