French Film Reviews: I Talk to Myself, Starring Blanche Gardin

French Film Reviews: I Talk to Myself, Starring Blanche Gardin

Since Blanche Gardin’s award-winning one-woman show dropped on Netflix, we’ve had to exercise superhuman restraint not to quote her pearls of wisdom right, left and centre – or re-enact entire skits (more of a series of stitched-together rants) at the office! A word of warning to the politically-correct brigade: Gardin is a hardened provocatrice, with a Ph.D. in rabble-rousing.

The more controversial the shtick the better. From bulimia to cat sodomy with a segue into consent, depression and the vortex of invisibility swallowing up 40-something women, the fearless comedienne takes aim at just about everything and everyone (not least herself). Crude, brutally honest, obnoxious, witty, unsavoury, I talk to Myself runs the gamut. Love her or loathe her, she is one heck of a breath of fresh air.

Film: I Talk to Myself
Director: Maïa Sandoz
Starring: Blanche Gardin

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