Film Reviews: Normandie Nue, Starring François Cluzet

Film Reviews: Normandie Nue, Starring François Cluzet

Times are hard in Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe. Plummeting meat and dairy prices are taking a dire toll on the livelihoods of the Norman village’s increasingly squeezed farmers. After a failed protest, even dogged mayor Georges is clear out of ideas to draw politicians’ attention to his community’s plight. That is, until a hot-shot American photographer famous for his edgy nude street scenes waltzes into Mêle hell-bent on snapping villagers in the buff.

Georges is convinced the headline-grabbing stunt is just what they need to be heard. But his bullheaded constituents aren’t too keen to get down to their birthday suits. A country yokel spin on The Full Monty with plenty of heart, Norman fire – and, well, bums – Normandie Nue has all the makings of a modern classic.

Director: Philippe Le Guay
Starring: François Cluzet, Toby Jones

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