Famille d’Exéa – Château de Sérame

Famille d’Exéa (Château de Sérame) produces organic and biodynamic wines along the Canal du Midi, a single plot of 240 ha, with 150 ha set aside for 100% local produce; vines, olive trees, cereal crops, almond trees, vegetable garden, and bee hives.

Château de Ferrand

Even the road to Château de Ferrand, winding between vines and beautiful mansions, offers great promise. The promise of an opportunity to discover a very special site.

Château Lafaurie Peyraguey

In the heart of the great Sauternes terroirs, the Lafaurie-Peyraguey vineyard lies on Sauternes’ high gravel terrace.

La Meuse

The Meuse area in Lorraine Grand Est region is this secret part of Eastern France between the vineyards of Champagne and the Alsace that offers a charming countryside scenery just an hour’s journey from Paris by TGV high-speed train. An ideal destination to discover famous specialities like the madeleines, mirabelle plums or dragées, follow the steps of American soldiers involved in WWI, and appreciate a stay at a beautiful chateau or a welcoming guesthouse...As a border area with Belgium, Luxemburg and the earlier Holy Roman Empire, the strategic location of the Meuse explains in part why many defining events in European history have been played out in this relatively small and beautiful area which has provided a rich cultural and architectural heritage: an imprint of antiquity and the middle ages, wonderful Renaissance style and the grand style of the Dukes of Lorraine, fortifications designed by Vauban…

La Route des Vins du Jurancon

Discover 130 dry and sweet Jurançon wine references.

Bordeaux Tourisme

The city of Bordeaux, the gateway to the vineyards is the ideal starting point to discover the vineyards.

Château de Lescours

On nearly 8 hectares in the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation.

Les Malins Plaisirs

The festival "Les Malins Plaisirs" includes all representative forms of the "French touch" through theatre, music, dance, gastronomy, heritage and more...

Château Bastor Lamontagne

domaine viticole de 55 hectars

Inventio Festival

Serie of classical et contemporean concerts and cultural events

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