Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Planning Your 2023 Boating Holiday

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Planning Your 2023 Boating Holiday

December is a great time to begin dreaming about your next holiday. The days are both darker and colder meaning we crave warm sunshine and being outdoors and the fast approaching Christmas period brings up fond times spent with those nearest and dearest to us.

Those same nearest and dearest might just be the perfect people to make up a crew for a boating holiday exploring France’s beautiful rivers and canals. If you’ve never tried this type of holiday then don’t worry – no previous boating experience or a licence is needed to hire a canal boat.

One of the great things about a boating holiday is that while cruising the waterways your view is ever-changing as you pass towns, villages and ever changing countryside – all enjoyed from a completely new perspective from your floating home-from-home.

From the moment you leave your departure base – you control your holiday itinerary going where you want when you want and stopping wherever takes your fancy. You can moor in the countryside by the river bank or, if you prefer the hustle and bustle of the towns and villages you pass on route, you can take advantage of the purpose-built ports and mooring sites.

A boating holiday offers the perfect mix of relaxed and tranquil travel with more energetic activities such as cycling, swimming, fishing and walking. Half of the fun is in driving the boat, mooring up and passing through locks with the entire crew getting involved, be it steering the boat, holding the mooring ropes or operating the lock gates.

Boating holidays specialist Nicols have a fleet of stylish boats suitable for crews ranging from a couple right up to larger groups of families and friends. You might be surprised to hear that the modern day hire boat provides extremely spacious and comfortable accommodation – on par with other types of quality holiday accommodation. You can find all the home-from-home comforts on board – everything from en suite shower rooms and fully-equipped kitchens to flat screen TVs and wifi.

Most regions of France are covered, with Nicols boasting a total of 17 bases in popular regions including Brittany, Aquitaine, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Charente, Alsace, Camargue and the Canal du Midi.

Although the boating holiday season doesn’t begin until April now is a good time to start researching and planning where and what you want to visit – the idea being that by the time you are ready to pick up your boat you have a holiday itinerary of places you want to visit. You will also want to take a look at which boat best suits your needs – and of course the best way of securing your preferred boat and holidays dates is to book early!

If that’s got you interested in finding out more then head to the Nicols website for one of the biggest collections of river and canal holidays in France, request a copy of their free 2023 holidays brochure or call their friendly and knowledgeable team on 02392 401320

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