Shall We Kiss?

Shall We Kiss?

“Shall We Kiss?”, the new film by Emmanuel Mouret opening in select theatres this weekend, attempts to answer that age-old question: To kiss or not to kiss? The story centers on the chance meeting between two strangers: Gabriel (Michael Cohen), and Emilie (Julie Gayet), meet and share a romantic dinner (despite the fact that they’re both in relationships). Their dinner over, the inescapable question remains: Should they end the night with un baiser, or simply go their separate ways? Emilie shares the story of Nicolas (Emmanuel Mouret) and Judith (Virginie Ledoyen), two former friends who shared one kiss that changed everything. The audience is left to wonder: Is it impossible to indulge your desires without hurting someone else?

The film is currently playing at the Angelika Film Center, the Beekman Theatre, and Bam Rose Cinemas in New York.

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