Dive Deep into French Culture with Our New Interactive Travel Stories

Explore our new immersive and interactive travel features. Enhanced with integrated video and sound clips, these stories allow you to delve deeper into French culture and discover unique locations. You’ll not only be blown away by the words of our writers, but you’ll also be able to hear the people they’ve interviewed and see the places they’ve explored.

Latest Stories

Une Journée Avec…a Parisian Café Owner

Discover Xavier Denamur, the quintessential Parisian bistro-owner, as he shares the evolution of Paris’ café and bistro scene amidst ever-changing dining trends.

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Une Journée Avec…a Kouign Amann Baker

Experience the irresistible Kouign Amann from Douarnenez, a coastal town known for its delectable sweet treat. Join us as we uncover the artisans crafting this calorie-laden delight with timeless ingredients.

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Jean-Baptiste Lully

Uncover Jean-Baptiste Lully, the Italian-born composer who shaped French opera with his grandiose style, revolutionising 17th-century music and dance. Experience the enduring impact on French culture.

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