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About your hosts

Sylvia Edwards Davis

Sylvia Edwards Davis is a journalist based in France with a focus on business and culture. A member of the France Media editorial team, Sylvia scans the cultural landscape to bring you the most relevant highlights on current events, art exhibitions, museums and festivals on the culture pages of France Today magazine, as well as real-life interviews and news on sister publication French Property News.

Sophie Gardner-Roberts

Sophie Gardner-Roberts is a bilingual professional and travel writer who specializes in France. Born and raised in France to British parents, Sophie completed her masters in International Journalism in the UK before launching her career writing for Francophile magazines and websites. She currently serves as Digital Editor for France Today and shares her France with Members in monthly videos.

Upcoming Events

150 Years of Impressionism: A Brush With Art History

Thursday 25th April 11:00-12:00 EST

The first Impressionist exhibition in Paris in 1874 unleashed a tectonic shift in art history. To celebrate this milestone, we are thrilled to present an online event featuring esteemed speaker Anne Catherine Abecassis, a leading expert in the field with a doctorate in art history from the Sorbonne University who specializes in French painting of the 19th and 20th centuries. Her deep knowledge and passion for the subject make her the perfect guide to explore why this revolutionary movement which was first met with confusion and criticism, went on to be universally acclaimed. Reserve your spot now!

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The France Today Masterclass

Welcome to our exclusive masterclass—an invitation to immerse yourself in explorations that delve into the depths of French culture, arts, and history. Embrace this exceptional occasion to interact with a distinguished specialist who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the subject. A carefully crafted, 2-hour virtual presentation will include a brief intermission of 10 minutes and two question-and-answer sessions, giving you the opportunity to submit your queries directly. To enhance your experience, attendees will receive supplementary reference materials, as well as an opportunity to pre-submit a question to the speaker.

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Past Masterclasses

Napoleon: A Political Animal

Thursday, March 7th 12:00 – 14:00 (EST)

Join Professor Rafe Blaufarb in a captivating online masterclass, “Napoleon: A Political Animal,” delving into the complex persona of Napoleon Bonaparte. This two-hour event offers a fascinating journey into the heart and mind of one of history’s most influential figures. In the first part of the masterclass, Professor Blaufarb provides a comprehensive overview of Napoleon’s early years and rise to prominence, offering insights into the forces that would shape the course of his political journey, and mold the political animal he would become. The second part of the masterclass focuses on a pivotal period in Napoleon’s reign—the short-lived era of peace (1802-1804) and the incredible range of lasting accomplishments he achieved during this brief period, to lay the groundwork for fundamental French institutions and civil reforms.

In Search of Marcel Proust: The Life and Work of a Literary Legend

Thursday, October 19th 12:00 – 14:00 (EST)

Join us for a two-hour masterclass on Marcel Proust, one of the greatest literary voices of the twentieth century, guided by Professor William Carter, author of the definitive biography Marcel Proust: A Life. In the first hour, we will explore Proust’s life and times, examining his character, development as an artist, and his passionate attachment to his mother, his deep love for the scenes of his youth, his flirtation with Parisian high society, his complicated sexual desires, and his irrevocable commitment to literary truth. In the second part, we will drill down on his masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time, exploring its themes, characters, and structure.

Reign of Terror: The French Revolution in 1792–1794

Thursday, September 21st 12:30 – 14:30 (EST)

Join us for a fascinating two-hour journey into the depths of the Reign of Terror, the most dramatic and violent episode in the French Revolution. Your guide will be Professor Colin Jones, a specialist in the French Revolution and author of a recently-published study of the overthrow of Robespierre and the end of the Terror. This event will take us beyond the ubiquitous images of the Revolutionary Tribunal and the guillotine to analyse the causes, the character and the consequences of the Terror.

Victor Hugo: Man, Myth and Legacy Masterclass

Thursday, June 1st 12:30 – 14:30 (EST)

Our first masterclass was a fascinating two-hour journey into the life, myth, and legacy of Victor Hugo, one of the most celebrated figures in French literature. In this webinar, Professor Bradley Stephens, a specialist in French literature and author of the biography Victor Hugo, Critical Lives, guided us through Hugo’s life, his importance, and how he has been commemorated. We debunked some of the clichés surrounding this iconic figure to gain a deeper understanding of his work. We explored the renovation of Notre Dame de Paris and the tension between creative freedom and respect for heritage.