Flowers and Fireflies

Flowers and Fireflies

When winter comes can spring be far behind? Artist and designer Joy de Rohan-Chabot’s latest Lucioles (Fireflies) collection in wood, bronze and glass provides a whimsical foretaste of balmy days in a magical garden. Inspired by her poetic vision of nature, Rohan-Chabot’s huge iridescent bronze butterfly spreads its wings to support a cloud-shaped glass tabletop while delicately painted blooms scramble up the back of an elegant bronze chair and tiny gilded birds perch on the twigs of tree branches that support a three-tier glass console. True to the collection’s title, small gilded bronze trees are hung with beautiful butterflies and glass candle jars that twinkle like fireflies when lighted at night. Each bronze design, made in collaboration with the Fusion foundry in Auvergne, is unique, but similar sculptural works may be ordered on commission.

Originally published in the January 2012 issue of France Today

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