Macaron Mecca Comes to Los Angeles

Macaron Mecca Comes to Los Angeles

Among all the mouthwatering French pastries, the Ladurée macaron is iconic. Quite simply, Ladurée macarons are magical. The good news: no longer do Angelenos need to fight that irresistible urge to hop on a plane and eat macarons in Paris. Ladurée is opening soon at the retail and commercial complex The Grove, followed by a boutique in Beverly Hills.

Ladurée has a rich and layered history. In 1862, Ladurée first opened their doors in Paris when Louis-Ernest Ladurée, a miller, founded a bakery at 16 Rue Royale. During the Paris Commune uprising of 1871, the bakery burnt down and a pastry shop and tearoom were rebuilt at the same location. However, it was not until 1930 that the treasured macaron rose to fame when Pierre Desfontaines originated the double decker, joining two macaron shells together with a creamy ganache as filling. Since then, this little French pastry has come to symbolize the elegance, refinement and pleasures of Parisian living.

Ladurée Boutique

Starting in 1997, the brand has expanded its presence around the world, including U.S. boutiques in New York and Miami. At long last their world famous macarons and pastries will arrive in Los Angeles, and will be housed in opulent tearooms that even the royals would enjoy!


Ladurée: The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles

Ladurée: 311 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

For more information visit Laduré

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  • Joselle Celine
    2016-12-30 02:04:43
    Joselle Celine
    In a way, I almost wish I could only get them in Paris.