Match: Design & Sport, an Exciting Exhibition in Paris

Match: Design & Sport, an Exciting Exhibition in Paris

A new exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris invites us to look at the way in which design has impacted the history of sport.

From the first competitions in ancient Greece through to the development of e-sports, the athlete has been at the centre, and everything has been imagined and thought out with this focus in mind. The exhibition ‘Match: Design & Sport – A History Looking to the Future’ opens with the athlete as superhero, and presents familiar images and objects that correspond to common expectations about the relationship between sport and design, but also introduces more surprising elements that invite us to rethink our existing ideas.

Shining a light on the historical conceptions of the ‘future’, the exhibition explores everything from stadium architecture to training programmes that pushed the human body to the limit, and what they say about society of the time, and their impact on our present and our own projection of the future. Whether you are a true sports fan, a casual spectator, or an athlete yourself, you will find surprising perspectives on the symbiotic relationship between the development of design and sport.

March 13 to July 28

From France Today Magazine

Lead photo credit : © Jo SoppaSIRS - 300 dpi

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