L’Epicurien, the South of France’s Artisan of Taste

L’Epicurien, the South of France’s Artisan of Taste

The gourmand specialist boutique, L’Epicurien, started in Paris 1982 when Bernard Le Gulvout, a master jam maker, revived a 19th century delicatessen in the 12th arrondissement. With the ambition of being an “Artisan of Taste” for his customers, Le Gulvout sold products with sweet as well as savoury flavors.

His popularity quickly spread in the City of Light, and Le Gulvout became famous for making wonderful jams, well-balanced confits, tasteful spreads and much more. In the mid-1990s, he left his Parisian delicatessen kitchen for a bigger one in Le Bosc, a city in the south of France.  Located in the heart of the beautiful fruit production region of Languedoc-Roussillon, the Artisan of Taste adds new and innovative recipes to his ancient cookbook. The excellent trust and relationships he has with the local producers enable him to select top quality fruits and vegetables for his gourmet preparations.

In the early 2000s, his two nephews, Xavier and Benoit, joined him. They select the freshest and most aromatic ingredients and cook them in small batches in cauldrons without any artificial additives. With this focus, L’Epicurien ensures its products have only the best taste and quality. Their goal is for customers to rediscover the taste of yesterday’s homemade food, while experiencing new gourmet flavours through innovative combinations and textures.

I was born and raised in Montpellier, at only 29 miles from the small village of Le Bosc, and that’s why all L’Epicurien products speak to my Southern girl’s soul. Well known for their delightful jams, Bernard Le Gulvout developed savoury French specialties in glass jars, especially confits, which are so tasty. After high school, I moved into my own apartment and missed my grandmother’s onion tart. She used to slowly cook onions for hours with white wine and spread the preparation on an olive oil-flavoured dough.  A true delight!

Exploring a delicatessen, I came across a cute L’Epicurien glass jar of “Cevennes Sweet Onion Confit” and decided to give it a try. Originating from the steep terraced hillsides of the Cevennes Mountains in the south of France, this onion variety is highly prized throughout the country. Cevennes onions are wonderfully mild and sweet, which makes them perfect in an onion soup or tart. I returned to my tiny apartment, prepared the olive oil dough and generously spread the onion confit on it. And oui, it tasted as good as my grandmother’s homemade recipe. Since that time, I have tried every one of L’Epicurien’s items while thinking of my grandmother.

If you plan to visit the south of France, make a stop in the charming village of Le Bosc to visit L’Epicurien’s production facilities and shop for some of their products. From their perfect Artichoke Pesto to their delicious gourmet confits for cheeses, L’Epicurien will satisfy any refined palette!

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