Have You Heard of These French Soups?

Have You Heard of These French Soups?

Three French soups you may not have tried…


A great way to use up just about any of your salad greens that are past their perkiest, this soup is poured over a thin, toasted slice of French bread. Try serving it chilled in summer as a sophisticated and unusual starter.

Photo credit © Bruno Bord, Wikicommons


Garbure, from Gascony, is thick enough to verge on stew and is a hearty dish of meat, veggies such as cabbage, carrots and peas, cheese and stale bread. Traditionally, the meat is picked out of the broth and served afterwards as the main course.

Tourin. Photo credit © by Stu Spivack, Wikimedia


This delicious smooth garlic soup is made with minced garlic, olive oil and eggs and is garnished with a crouton – and it’s great for fending off colds and flu too! In the south of France, it’s traditionally served to newly-weds…

From France Today magazine

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