Dry or Full-Bodied? Learn Everything There is to Know About Wine in Burgundy and Jura 



Dry or Full-Bodied? Learn Everything There is to Know About Wine in Burgundy and Jura 

The exciting world of Burgundy and Jura wines is accessible to everyone, including novice oenophiles and even families. Many wine tourism sites are innovating and opening their doors to invite visitors on a discovery of the Burgundian and Jura vineyards using interactive exhibition scenographies and immersive displays.  

Fun visits to Pouilly-sur-Loire, new sensory experiences in Beaune, Mâcon or Chablis or the Wine Museum in the Jura… To be consumed without moderation! 

Here are 10 sites you should visit to learn everything there is to know about the wines from Burgundy and Jura. 

Maison de la Haute Seille, Château-Chalon 

Located in a Plus Beau Village de France, this exhibition space shows off local heritage and culture, including a replica of the 1928 school classroom. Tastings, activities and useful maps of the area are also available, as well as a little café with an outdoor terrace overlooking the vineyard


Enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the vines after the exhibition © Maison de la Haute Seille

Tour du Pouilly Fumé, Pouilly-sur-Loire 

This fascinating cultural centre focuses on the local wines and offers a modern and inventive scenography. Follow a vigneron over the course of a year in the vineyard, enjoy four tastings and then head to the Cellar of Aromas where 10 rounded glass jars hold the aromatic spectrum present in the Pouilly wines. Kids are well catered to as well with a booklet offering games to learn about vine-growing. 

Tour du Pouilly Fumé © OTLVN

Hameau Duboeuf, Romanèche-Thorins 

Using spectacular dynamic cinema, mapping, 3D, immersive shows and adventure games, this space makes visitors take part in the history of Beaujolais through this interactive exhibition. 


© Hameau Duboeuf

Cité des Climats et Vins de Bourgogne, Beaune, Chablis and Mâcon 

Spread over three different sites in Burgundy, this mammoth project celebrates and honours the Burgundian Climates, which have been listed with UNESCO’s World Heritage since 2015. All three sites offer a fascinating sensory visitor’s route through the history of wine culture in Burgundy, tastings of course and guided tours. 

Cité des Climats et vins de Bourgogne à Beaune © BFC Tourisme

Oenocentre Ampélopsis, Massingy 

Set in stunning 18th-century barns and 13th-century cellars, this interpretation centre offers more than just an exhibition, it challenges visitors to awaken all five senses to understand the process of wine-making, from the vine to the bottle. The exhibition is highlighted with audio-visual elements, interactive displays and activities. 

Use all your senses to understand wine-making © Domaine Brigand

Imaginarium, Nuits-Saint-George 

Discover the wonderful, bubbly world of Crémant de Bourgogne, Burgundy’s answer to champagne. Visitors can learn about the different production methods, discover the wall of aromas, delicious food and wine pairings, then challenge friends or family at the riddling workshop. This interactive exhibition is followed by a spectacular sound and light show tracing back man’s steps among the vines and a tasting. 

Imaginarium © Jean-Louis Bernuy

Château de la Greffière, La Roche-Vineuse 

This wine estate was established in 1585 and produces no fewer than 19 different wines across eight Burgundy villages. The perfect place to sample some of Burgundy’s finest tipples, including Saint-Vérant, Saint-Amour, Bourgogne Aligoté and more 

Château de la Greffière © Florent Pannuti

Maison des Ateliers, Mâcon 

The first “Maison des Ateliers” in Mâcon is a unique place offering a chic and warm atmosphere, where learning and relaxation blend into a single experience. From a cooking class to a yoga session, from an introduction to wine tasting to the joy of a relaxing massage, the house is all about learning, meeting and sharing. 

Burgnudy’s vineyards can also be a source of tranquility and relaxation © BFC Tourisme

Maison de la Vigne et du Vin du Jura, Arbois 

Set in the historical Château Pécault, this museum is in two parts: an outdoor garden presenting vines and a mini vinyard and an indoor exhibition showcasing the historical, social and economic impact of vine-growing and wine-making in the Jura. 

© Musée de la Vigne et du Vin de Jura

Clos de Bourgogne, Gevrey-Chambertin 

Where better to learn about Burgundy’s wines than among the vines themselves? This domaine offers walks or cycle rides in the vineyards as well as workshops covering wine-tasting, food and wine pairing, serving wine and oenology. All senses are called upon in a fun and interactive way so that visitors can discover all the secrets of the Vins de Bourgogne. 

A stroll through the vineyards at Clos de Bourgogne © Sandrine Lanault

Lead photo credit : Cité des Climats de Bourgogne © BFC Tourisme

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