Book Reviews: Le Diable Au Corps

Book Reviews: Le Diable Au Corps

Raymond Radiguet burst onto the literary scene in 1923 with his first novel, Le Diable Au Corps, which tells the tale of a married woman who has an affair with a 16-year-old boy while her husband is away at the WWI front. It caused quite the scandal for its explicitness and lines like “remember what war was like for so many very young boys: four years of great holidays”.

His unique style pegged Radiguet for great things, but sadly his only other book, Le bal du comte d’Orgel, was published posthumously. He died aged 20 in 1923 from TB, which he caught from Jean Cocteau. Coco Chanel organised his funeral.

Le Diable Au Corps, by Raymond Radiguet, published by Flammarion

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  • Katherine Kelly
    2020-09-02 18:39:53
    Katherine Kelly
    Thank you for a trip down memory lane of normoutier. I drove there and spent a day there. I remember a long bridge which was challenging not to look down. But at the end of the drive was a complete chapter of French life unique to that beautiful place. I often thought about it , and still hope to go back. Know it is accessible from Nantes.