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Who are we?

We do our utmost to offer each of the 15,000+ guests who travel with us every year their own, unique cycling cruise experience. We do this by providing well-defined routes, skilled and experienced tour leaders, tasty food, and wonderful service aboard our ships from our hospitable crews… everything you could ever want and need for an amazing bike and barge holiday!

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Over the years, Boat Bike Tours has made tens of thousands of travellers happy on their bike and barge tours. With the help of our guests’ reviews and feedback from our tour leaders and ships’ crews, we have developed new touring techniques and other fun excursions to make our cycling tours even more exciting, comfortable, and well thought out.

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Without our wonderful team, all of this could not have been possible! Our office team consists of the old guard and a bunch of fresh faces; in the last year, we were able to welcome six new employees, including four in our new US-based office! Add over 50 tour leaders and some 200 ship crew members, and they form a team of excellent, enthusiastic, and hardworking people, each and every single one caring and committed to one goal: making sure that you have a fantastic boat bike tour.
We can’t wait to meet you!

What we do

The name says it all: Boat Bike Tours stands for tours that move partly by boat and partly by bike. We offer cycling holidays with accommodation (and relaxation) on board a comfortable ship. But that is just the start: there are the places you visit, the people you meet, the excellent food and service aboard the boats, our experienced tour leaders, the detailed maps we provide, the (e-)bikes you can rent … Boat Bike Tours provides all of this. And you make the memories.

Benefits and charms

In 5, 8, 11 or 15 days – depending on the tour you pick – you’ll discover all there is to see in the beautiful regions along our routes. You’ll travel mostly by bike and by ship, but also on foot. The possible types of tour guidance and the intensity of the cycling routes are indicated by icons on our website.

Your accommodation will be aboard a motorized barge or sailing ship, each offering well-equipped cabins with private bathrooms: a comfortable stay, and a different view every morning. There’s a wide selection of cabin types, varying in comfort and extras. All of the ships offer good food (breakfast, a packed lunch, and a three-course dinner), a well-stocked bar, and a wonderful crew.


Our story started more than forty years ago with Channel Cruises Holland (CCH). The founder owned a few small barges, which he used for tours for groups of enthusiastic travellers. The word spread and so did his fleet; he soon had to hire ships from other operators. The business kept on expanding, and in 1995, Jan Timmermans took over the company. Find out more here.
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