Why Not Take a Green Break in the Cévennes D’ardèche!

Time to switch off!

What could be better than the promise of some special time to switch off from your everyday life, take a break and meet up with the friends or family you’ve missed so much!

Here, the true meaning of peace, quiet and satisfaction becomes clear! Why not take a green break in the Cévennes d’Ardèche?

Chatus - Vernon. © Matthieu Dupont

Chatus – Vernon. © Matthieu Dupont

Just imagine living for the moment in a different way – slowly, a kind of interlude, taking your time…a change of scene, some time to yourself – doesn’t it make you want to set off straight away to the Cévennes d’Ardèche and make the most of this unique opportunity?!

Refuge! Feel like cocooning?

Stopped in your tracks by the beauty of the place, forget your cares and relax in a tailor-made cocoon that combines authenticity and modernity. Stone, wood and cotton – sober, noble materials to envelop yourself in gentle softness as you make the most of this special moment.

Relaxing with a view.

Relaxing with a view. © Matthieu Dupont

Awoken by the sound of the wind in the trees or birdsong, nothing will matter anymore and you’ll enjoy a pure moment of leisurely relaxation.

Contemplative Landscapes

Treating yourself to some relaxation is above all about looking for something different, being able to escape from the pressure at last and thinking of nothing but yourself, others and mutual wellbeing.

The Cévennes d’Ardèche is a great place to energise yourself and recharge your batteries as you explore different places and meet different people. Each season offers something special, so all you have to do is choose which suits you and your personality best.

In the spring, you just need to climb up high and make the most of the natural panoramic views thact’ll leave you feeling serene

Cascade du Saut de la Dame.

Cascade du Saut de la Dame. © Matthieu Dupont

In the autumn, the charm of the landscapes with their warm, russet colours blends with the scent of roasting chestnuts – a pure moment of delicious delight to awaken your senses

In the winter, you can contemplate the heart of this generous natural landscape stripped bare to reveal its most beautiful features: limestone rocks, granite mountain ranges and much more

The summer is a time for idle leisure: a quick dip in a natural pool in the crystal clear waters, exposed to the elements – tempted?

Eating Local: Eating Differently!

Looking after yourself and appreciating the good things in life is an obvious thing to do. Going green during a getaway break doesn’t necessarily mean depriving yourself… quite the opposite, in fact!

Everything here means that indulgence and pleasure go hand in hand.

French cheese. © Matthieu Dupont

French cheese. © Matthieu Dupont

Delicious indulgence!

Set off to meet some farmers at the local markets, stroll past the brightly coloured, delicious-smelling stalls and ask for advice – what more could you want?!

From the farmer to the consumer, there’s only one step: try a piece of picodon goat’s cheese, a slice of gingerbread pain d’épices made with chestnut honey or a mouthful of our famous pork and chard caillettes.

And as a bonus, you’ll share a warm, authentic moment with people who are passionate about our local Cévennes gastronomy and get some advice about enhancing your meal with a good local wine or a great recipe.

The Cévennes d’Ardèche is a generous place – sharing and hospitality are the notions we live by!

Wine tasting.

Wine tasting. ©Matthieu Dupont

During your excursions, you’ll come across stone terraces, leats and dry stone huts, the lovingly restored vestiges of a rich agricultural past. Our food here has the authentic taste of what we admire.

We’ll always promote local production and local distribution networks to encourage job creation, protect our ancestral skills and preserve our typical landscapes.

And last but not least, eating local is also and above all simply delicious! So why not try a traditional market, a good restaurant or a producer’s tasting session?


Markets. © Matthieu Dupont

Ready to take on the wild?

From the bowels of the earth to the highest peaks, the only limits are the limits you set yourself. Are you ready to confront nature suspended at the end of a rope or striding along the hiking trails? Everything and more is possible here so get your dose of thrills!

For sports lovers, don’t miss our major sports events in the spring such as the Mois de la Rando (Hiking Month), the Ardèche Slackline Meeting and the Chassezac Raid Nature (Adventure Race)

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