Gourmet Trail in Paris: Brewers’ Fayre

Gourmet Trail in Paris: Brewers’ Fayre

Of late, you cannot venture into the bowels of the capital without stumbling smack bang into a new microbrewery. Just follow the tell-tale whiffs of smoky hops and you can be sure to find a hipster-type Millennial at the other end bent over a huge vat, crushing malt. It’s official: the craft beer craze is sweeping the French capital.

courtesy of La Beer Fabrique

Among the growing legions tickling connoisseurs’ muscle Kronenbourg (beer belly) is the Brit-inspired La Beer Fabrique in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. Touted as the city’s first ale workshop, the brasserie initiates scores of discerning drinkers each week into the age-old art of brewing in hands-on tutorials.

courtesy of Bap Bap brewery

A relatively new kid on the block, from its lofty six floors Bap Bap Brewery towers over rue Saint-Maur. Patrons are invited to explore every nook and cranny of the cavernous factory, from the storage room to the ‘fermentation lab’ before guzzling a pint.

But it isn’t only a newcomer’s game: bygone brands are experiencing their own revival. Resurrected by a pair of gutsy enthusiasts in Pantin, 19th-century market-leader Gallia is fast tempting punters back to the fold.

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From France Today magazine

Courtesy of Gallia

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