10 Reasons to Explore the European Union at Europa Experience Paris



10 Reasons to Explore the European Union at Europa Experience Paris

Looking for a unique way to explore the European Union? Europa Experience Paris might just be the answer.

Located in the heart of Paris, this interactive space offers visitors the chance to delve into the workings of the EU and learn more about the lives of European citizens. From a 360° cinema to a role-play game where you can step into the shoes of a Member of the European Parliament, Europa Experience Paris promises an immersive and engaging experience.

1. Europa Experience Paris

Europa Experience Paris is an interactive space about the European Union located in the heart of Paris. This venue spans across 1,500 square meters and has three floors. You can take a multimedia tour and discover how the European Union works, share the daily lives of other European citizens, or delve into the making of European policy. Europa Experience Paris is an excellent destination to visit with family and friends.

© Europa Experience Paris

2. A 360° cinema

Begin your visit at the 360° cinema where you can immerse yourself in a unique film about the European Union, its history, and its challenges. The cinema’s 360° layout allows you to watch the film from multiple points of view, providing an immersive and engaging experience.

© Europa Experience Paris

3. An augmented reality map of Europe

Explore Europe with a tablet and an augmented reality map! Discover various projects across Europe and select your theme of interest. The tablet will guide you to the locations in Europe where the European Union is active in that field.

© Europa Experience Paris

4. Everything you need to know about the Members of the European Parliament and the European Commissioners

Get to know your European representatives virtually! Meet and select from the 705 Members of European Parliament and the 27 European Commissioners, based on their country, age, gender, and political group.

© Europa Experience Paris

5. Put yourself in the shoes of a Member of the European Parliament

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Member of the European Parliament (MEP)? Gather your friends and step into the shoes of an MEP during an exciting 2-hour role-play game. You’ll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what really happens in Strasbourg and Brussels, and discover what it takes to make a difference in the European Union.

© Europa Experience Paris

6. A photo to share with other Europeans

Take a selfie or group photo in the photo booth and share it with family and friends. Your photo will be displayed on the projection wall in Paris and shown directly on the entire network of Europa Experience photo booths throughout the European Union!

European Parliament © Europa Experience Paris

7. One hour to understand everything about Europe

Starting from September, Europa Experience will offer short one-hour conferences where you can ask everything you always wanted to know about Europe and learn more in detail about the functioning of the European Union. These conferences will take place every second Thursday evening and every third Saturday afternoon of the month.

© Europa Experience Paris

8. A place for debates and trainings on European issues

Europa Experience is not only a multimedia space about the European Union but also a place for debates and events. Subscribe to the network together.eu and get all information on trainings and events taking place at Europa Experience firsthand!

© Europa Experience Paris

9. Available in 24 languages and accessible

All activities at Europa Experience are available in 24 languages, including the role-play game. The space is also accessible for people with reduced mobility, all stations are equipped with magnetic loops, and an audio description is available for the 360° film and the augmented reality map.

© Europa Experience Paris

10. Open every day, except on Tuesdays and free of charge!

Europa Experience Paris is open every day, except on Tuesdays, from 10:00-18:00 and is free of charge. No reservation is needed except for the role-play game.

Visit www.paris.europa-experience.eu for more information.

Lead photo credit : © Europa Experience Paris

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