10 Reasons to Visit Chantilly Castle



10 Reasons to Visit Chantilly Castle

Chantilly, the elegant town on the outskirts of Paris, is not only home to the deliciously fluffy whipped cream. A grandiose castle with sprawling grounds stands proudly in the city and was once the residence of a powerful French dynasty.

1. Discover the royal apartments of the Bourbons-Condes

 In 1643, the Bourbon-Condé prince dynasty became the owner of the Château de Chantilly. The Grand Prince of Condé, first cousin of King Louis XIV, was both very close and a great rival to royal power. In Chantilly, a prosperous, rich and powerful estate, he tried to compete with Versailles. The Grands Appartements are still visible today. Inside, discover works of art, precious furniture and master paintings of the royal family. 

chambre de Monsieur le prince post restauration – © Gary Otte

2. Walk in the footsteps of the Duke of Aumale, the greatest collector of his time

The Château de Chantilly is also the work of a man with an exceptional destiny: Henri d’Orléans, Duke of Aumale, son of the last king of the French. This prince, considered the greatest collector of his time, made Chantilly the setting for his countless masterpieces and precious manuscripts. 

The Duke of Aumale had his private apartments converted in 1845-1847. It is the only royal apartment dating from the July Monarchy that has remained intact. Accessible by guided tour and in small groups only, these places of life, full of memories, constitute an exclusive testimony to the intimacy of the Duke and Duchess of Aumale. 

© Sophie Lloyd

3. Admire the second largest collection of ancient paintings after the Louvre

The Duke of Aumale designed the painting galleries to be the showcase for his exceptional collections: Raphaël, Botticelli, Clouet, Poussin, Watteau, Ingres, Delacroix… He brought together the second largest collection of ancient paintings in France, after that of the Louvre Museum. In accordance with the wishes of the Duke of Aumale, the presentation of the works has remained unchanged since the 19th century, which offers the unique possibility to discover an authentic, period exhibition using museography from that era. 

© Sophie Lloyd

4. Let the kids play prince or princess for an unforgettable visit!

 For €5, children aged 3 to 11 are invited to put on a period costume to enjoy their visit as if they were the heirs of the Princes of Condés! 

© Christophe tanière -Chateau-noel

5. Stroll through the heart of a unique park made up of three emblematic gardens

The 115-hectare park is unique in the diversity of the gardens that make it up. 

The French garden, designed by André Le Nôtre, includes vast water mirrors reflecting the sky, numerous water jets and fountains as well as an exceptional set of statues. Of all the gardens created by André Le Nôtre, Chantilly was his favorite.  

The English Garden comes alive with romantic follies such as the Island of Love or the Temple of Venus, it also contains a large water buffet designed by André Le Nôtre in the 17th century: the Cascades of Beauvais. 

The 18th century Anglo-Chinese garden is notable for its hamlet which inspired that of Versailles as well as Marie-Antoinette’s Little Trianon. In the Hameau de Chantilly, you can taste a delicious Crème Chantilly. 

© Sophie Lloyd – L’île d’amour

6. Marvel at the animals on the estate

If geese, ducks, swans and birds populate the waters of the Chantilly estate, the deer and does are the guardians of its vast forest! But who could have imagined that 22 wallabies and kangaroos also lived in the castle grounds? Come discover their enclosure and visit them! 

© Joël Nicolas

7. Learn how to whip up real Chantilly cream

Attention foodies! During a 45-minute workshop, you will learn how to make the legendary whipped cream, the creamy and delicious preparation enjoyed all over the world. The Brotherhood of Chantilly cream whipping knights is there to promote this historical and culinary heritage. Their goal: to teach you how to successfully whip real Chantilly cream by hand! Besides, do you know who is the inventor of Crème Chantilly? To find out, trace the history of the castle.

© JB Quillien

8. Explore the largest stables in Europe

An architectural masterpiece of the 18th century, the Great Stables are a veritable palace for horses, built from 1719 to 1735! The Grandes Écuries house a living horse museum which presents the relationship between man and horse since the beginning of civilization. Although they housed nearly 250 horses at the time, today, some 30 horses are housed in their boxes. Come and meet them! 

© Château de Chantilly – Elisa Tato

9. Attend a magical equestrian show

Every year, the largest stables in Europe immerse you in new magical and family-friendly shows. An hour of show mixing several arts: expert horse riding, equestrian fantasy, acrobatics, music, theater, circus and more. 

© Christophe Tanière

10. Stroll on horseback, in the footsteps of the Princes of Chantilly

 With a passionate guide, discover the history of the royal city of Chantilly, the castle and its illustrious park on horseback. After having prepared, brushed and saddled your horse, you will walk the paths of the estate, in the footsteps of the Princes of Chantilly, renowned riders and hunters. This walk of around an hour and a half will immerse you in the equestrian world: learn about the equipment, explore new sensations and bond with your horse.


For more information, visit chateaudechantilly.fr

© Agence Arcantide – Tous droits réservés

Lead photo credit : © Angel de los Rios/Flickr

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