Bike Chic

Bike Chic

Après Prada skis, here comes the Chanel bicycle. The aluminum bike, completely handmade, comes equipped with a chain guard and a tool/makeup kit covered in the famous Chanel quilted leather, saddles in “crumpled leather” and a pump protected by a leather cover. The eight-gear Vélo Chanel, which made its debut at the end of January, is not only stylish, it’s technologically up to date, with an avant-garde brake system and shock absorbers, and it has a heavy-duty anti-theft device welded to the frame. The Chanel bike is designed not only to keep up with Parisians’ new love affair with bikes, notes Chanel spokeswoman Marion Chauvin, referring to the success of Vélib, the city’s new station-to-station, nearlyfree bike-rental system. “Our bike has a real legitimacy. Mademoiselle Chanel herself loved the outdoors and sport. She was the first couturière to offer her clientele a line of outdoor clothing.” Bike chic comes at a price, of course: €8,900, to be exact.

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