Enjoying Holidays in France Has Never Been Easier

Enjoying Holidays in France Has Never Been Easier

Summer holidays are in full swing and here you are, fine-tuning the few details and adjustments that will allow you to travel to Europe this summer. Whether it’s to visit family, simply travel, or enjoy the weather, expenses will be inevitable . That’s exactly why you need this free and easy solution that will help you save money. Curious to learn more?

Tax-free shopping

Tax refund is the possibility for a person who does not reside within the European Union (EU) to recover VAT on purchases made there and then brought back in their luggage. To assist you with the administrative procedures related to tax refund, the operator ZappTax was created a few years ago.

In practice? Let’s say you take advantage of sales to buy new clothes, sports equipment, or sunglasses, and the total amount of €1000 benefits from a 30% discount through the sales. If you use the tax refund operator ZappTax for your purchases, the total cost of these purchases will only be €600. You will have saved €400, so how does it work?

ZappTax the app that refunds VAT

1- Ease of use

While the traditional process requires a number of administrative documents with a reimbursement procedure that is often opaque, ZappTax digitizes the process through a simple and fast application for everyone.

2- On all purchases

The application allows the user to claim tax refunds on both in-store and online purchases! In both cases, it is important to make invoices in the name of ZappTax, including addresses and corresponding VAT numbers.

3- High refund rates

The rates offered by ZappTax are much higher than those offered by traditional tax refund operators and can reach up to 90% of the VAT to be collected. The higher the sum of purchases, the higher the refund will be.

4- 24/7 customer service

ZappTax places the user at the heart of its policy. To do this, customer service available 24/7 is available to anyone wanting information or needing help. A FAQ is also present on the application’s website.

Don’t wait any longer and download the application on App Store or Google Play.

Lead photo credit : © Zapptax

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