Love is All Around at the Latest Exhibition in Lyon’s Confluences Museum

Love is All Around at the Latest Exhibition in Lyon’s Confluences Museum

How many types of love can you think of? Let the Musée des Confluences count the ways. À nos Amours‘ is an exploration of the ever-changing world of love as it is shaped and transformed by societal and technological developments. No matter if the object of your affection is a friend, a family member, a pet, or your mobile phone, love is a subject that concerns us all. It can be elusive, at times fragile, disconcerting or a powerful driving force. This project is an opportunity to discover the universality of love and the diversity of attachments to family, friends and objects, and consider how we form and define these links.

This is approached through the four Greek words expressing love that introduce the exhibition: eros (carnal desire); storge (family love), agape (selfless love) and philia (the social bond). In a new scenography, designed as a sensory and emotional experience, ‘À nos Amours‘ draws from scientific, societal and artistic points of view, bringing together human cultures from all over the world in dialogue with other living species.

Until August 25 2024

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Lead photo credit : © MUSÉE DES CONFLUENCES

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