Museum Night Celebrates its 20th Edition in Europe

Museum Night Celebrates its 20th Edition in Europe

The 20th edition of Museum Night welcomes us from dusk until lam to more than 3,000 museums across Europe, including 1,300 in France.

With doors wide open for this very special event, La Nuit des Musées offers a chance to explore the remarkable collections through guided tours, interactive activities, workshops, screenings, live performances and exceptional displays. The response last year was incredible, with thousands of visitors joining in, once again proving the popularity of this cultural extravaganza, which offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy a unique museum experience for free.

And this year is even more special as it marks two decades of the event, promising a diverse and engaging programme, including participatory workshops and captivating exhibitions, made possible by the Ministry of Culture, with the support of Directions Régionales des Affaires Culturelles (DRAC) and the patronage of UNESCO, the Council of Europe, and numerous institutions and media partnerships. Mark your calendars – May 18th – for another enchanting night full of art and culture.

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Lead photo credit : © Mucem Lisa Ricciotti, architectes - Rudy Ricciotti et Roland Carta — Mucem - Passerelle - FSJ, éclairage - Yann Kersale, Marseille

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