Time to Party! It’s Carnival Season in France

Time to Party! It’s Carnival Season in France

Spring is (almost) in the air and it’s time to party, wherever you are in France!

Le Carnaval is a much-loved celebration held in various regions of France. Traditionally it was a chance to make merry before Lent, when meat and other rich foods would be out of bounds. While the capital has its Carnival of Paris, dating back to the 16th century, perhaps the most widely recognisable today is the celebration in Nice, featuring parades, floats, music, food and entertainment in the balmy setting of the Côte d’Azur.

Each of the different versions of the Carnival in France forms part of a rich tapestry of historical, cultural and regional influences, each more vibrant than the next. There are so many events that it’s impossible to pick a favourite, so let’s just name a few.

Among the most renowned are the Carnival of Dunkirk, with celebrations taking place over a whopping three months, and Granville, considered one of the largest carnivals in Western France, attracting over 130,000 visitors every year. Then there’s magnificent Limoux, of course, touted as the longest carnival in the world, which has been going strong for the past 400 years.

From France Today Magazine

Lead photo credit : Carnaval de Dunquerque, © Antoine Taveneaux/ Wikimedia Commons

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