Best Sparkling Wines for Christmas Eve

Best Sparkling Wines for Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas time! Your house is decorated with twinkling lights, a Christmas tree shines in the corner of your living room, the table is set with a Christmas-themed set and tablecloth, gifts for you and your family are waiting for you under the tree, the fireplace is crackling – there is only one thing missing… A beautiful glass of the finest sparkling wine in your hands.

What better time to have a fizzling alcoholic drink than on Christmas with your favourite people. When you have sparkling wine on any other day, it just does not taste the same as on Christmas.

What did you want to prepare for your Christmas dinner: duck, rabbit, turkey, beef or pork?

It doesn’t matter. We’ve got you covered!

We nailed down a list of some of the finest Christmas sparkling wines for your enjoyment.

1. Domaine Carneros by Taittinger Brut 2018

At just the first sip, your mouth gets hit with delicate sweet tones of honeycomb, which continues to play with your senses with some lime and citrus zest while your champagne glass is being filled with tiny bubbles fighting to reach the top.

Refreshing the palate, tones of white peach, orange blossom and baked pears come in after the first taste. What really makes this Chardonnay pop is the crispiness and that’s why it is a great aperitif.

Coming from one of America’s most experienced sparkling winemaker, we recommend this Domaine Carneros by Taittinger Brut 2018 as a choice for your Christmas dinners and parties.

2. Rizzardi Prosecco Extra Dry

A balance between sweet and a bit of sour… are the words we would use for this Rizzardi Prosecco Extra Dry sparkling wine. The sweet side is triggered by the elements of honey which can be very subtle. The sour side kicks in thanks to the lemon zest and green apples.

The Glear grapes were very carefully selected. From vineyards coming from the cooler hillsides, planted on clay soils, the Rizzardi Prosecco Extra Dry was created with a lot of time and patience. Giving a sense of freshness to calm the fruitiness. Rizzardi Prosecco Extra Dry – a fine companion to have on your Christmas table.

3. Champagne Jacquesson Dizy Corne Bautray 2009

Coming from the masters of sparkling wine producers, Champagne Jacquesson, we present this exquisite choice for your Christmas dinner. Made in a single vineyard located on chalk soil, makes it ideal for making sparkling wine.

Their professional philosophy for making sparkling wine is all about the quality of fruit and terroir. Another important thing to know about this sparkling wine is that it is aged for almost ten years before it is bottled without adding any other ingredients.

If you choose one of these bottles, you will end up with a vintage Christmas bottle of Champagne that will only get better and better as the years pass by.

4. Ferrari Trentodoc Brut F1 Special Edition

Probably one of the most famous sparkling wines out there since 2021. What gave this Ferrari Trentodoc Brut F1 Special Edition sparkling wine is the Ferrari Trentodoc because it was used to celebrate the victories of Formula 1 champions.

Your senses will get overpowered by the hits of plum, peach, orange blossom and pink grapefruit, ending with a sweet taste of glazed and pastry. It begins elegant and velvety, followed up by tingling lemon notes.

Prepare a Christmas feast of champions and serve the champion’s drink to go along with it!

5. Vitteaut-Alberti Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut

If you are looking for a total fruit extravaganza for your Christmas dinner, then Vitteaut-Alberti Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut is the choice for you!

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, extracted with a short maceration, giving it that pink haze. This sparkling wine is left to aromatise for almost two years.

Tons of red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, red apple and currants are paired to go along with tiny notes of rosebuds. The luxury of Pinot Noir is savoured by your tongue. An intense crisp savoury element combined with a pinch of sweetness is what we would use to characterise this Vitteaut-Alberti Cremant de Bourgogne Rose Brut.

Sparkling wines go well with almost every kind of Christmas dinner there is. It does not matter if you are preparing fish, poultry, beef or pork, or even making a simple cheese platter, there is an option for everything!

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