Top 5 French White Wines for Christmas

Top 5 French White Wines for Christmas

Getting ready for the Christmas season is difficult. You forgot where you put your Christmas ornaments, tablecloths, Santas and reindeer, your only-for-Christmas-party serving plates and glasses. You thought, hey I might still have time to organise, prepare meals, set the table, decor and decorate the house and BOOM – Christmas is at your doorstep.

You find yourself running around all over the place. Always in a hurry but you finally made it. The perfect dinner, the table is set in the Christmas spirit, you put on your best party dress…

But, you forgot one of the most important things – white wine.

“How could you?” You say to yourself.

Well, we know how… You didn’t read this article. That’s how, lol!

We are just kidding.

Nevertheless, to save you time looking for that perfect white wine, we came up with a list of the best wines you can have on Christmas!

1. Craggy Range Te Muna Road Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2022

A very exotic choice, we must say! If you want the taste of the most delicious lime, grapefruit, guava and passionfruit in your mouth, then this is the option for you. Made in stainless steel tanks to keep the purity and natural aromas from the fruit and grapes pampered by the cooling winds which makes them ripe faster without losing any freshness or fruitiness. The stony soils where the grapes are grown are also a major key in developing the exquisite taste of the Craggy Range Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020.

Goes great with all types of fish, leafy salads and cheese plates.

2. Domaine Masse Givry Clos de la Brulee Blanc 2020

Made of carefully handpicked grapes, the Domaine Masse Givry Clos de la Brulee Blanc 2020 is truly a masterpiece among the Fresh wines. They are softly squeezed, fermented in stainless steel vats and later then placed in barrique. At the end, they are left to age for a year in oak barrels. When you look at the vine in the glass, you will notice that the golden yellow colour gives particles with green reflections. The Domaine Masse Givry Clos de la Brulee Blanc 2020 gives an intense taste with a pinch of freshness thanks to the white flowers, woody notes and exotic fruits. Cheeses with a sweet element are paired great with the Domaine Masse Givry Clos de la Brulee Blanc 2020.

3. Auvigue Pouilly-Fuisse Premier Cru Aux Chailloux 2020

This fine wine comes from the magic villages of Solutré and Pouilly. Made from grapes grown at an altitude of 250 meters on clay sedimentary soil, the masters of making wine know their craft all too well.

It will be a diamond on your dinner table all thanks to the gorgeous golden colour that hides specks of green. Pineapple, white flowers, fresh fruit and violets hit your nose buds at first contact. A wave of freshness, leaving a buttery aftertaste. Pairs well with chicken, turkey, goat cheese or shellfish.

4. Domaine Fournier Les Belles Vignes Sancerre Blanc 2020

If you want clean and fresh tastes, then Domaine Fournier Les Belles Vignes Sancerre Blanc 2020 is for you. What gives this fine white wine that special flavour is the meyer lemon, honeysuckle, wet stone aromas, gooseberry, herbs and flint. Truly, a rare mix of powerful elements creates an amazing taste in your mouth with every sip. This wine can be drunk right away and can power down after a few years in the cellar.

5. Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes 2017

With the help of heavy clay coils that hold a lot of water and the minimal use of chemicals, this Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes 2017 white wine is an amazing blend between complex and elegant. A very fine mix of delicious and sour flavours coming from citrus, green apple, and white peaches. At the end, a hit of toast and vanilla tickles your tongue. The creamy texture and the core of the fruit leave a lingering finish of acidity. This white wine goes well with grilled fish or roast poultry.

White wine is a favourite during the Christmas season due to its versatility to be paired with all sorts of different dishes, meats and salads. France is a popular region for producing the world’s finest white wines. Depending on what you prepare as a meal and your guests’ preference, any of these French white wines will be a great choice for your Christmas party.

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