Festive Dining Adventures in Paris

Festive Dining Adventures in Paris

One of the many delights of Paris is the constantly evolving restaurant scene. In a city whose restaurants inspire the world, Paris Society Group, the sophisticated luxury and lifestyle brand, makes a promise “to make your heart beat faster, and make you want to come back.” Already sporting a portfolio that includes fabulous restaurants like Gigi, Coco, the iconic Girafe, and more, Paris Society brings exciting culinary diversity to the capital with the Maison Russe and the newly unveiled Mondaine de Pariso.

Order a delicious cocktail at Mondaine de Pariso’s bar © Romain Ricard

Mondaine de Pariso

Upon entering Mondaine, one is immediately captivated by the many details which create an alluring sense of cabaret-style glamour: the subdued lighting, bevelled mirrors, plush velvet-covered chairs and dark leopard patterns on the stools. A special energy emanates from the boudoir-styled décor, creating a seductive aura enveloping each of the unique spaces which spread over two floors, including the Fumoir, the Chamber, the Bar, the Alcoves, the Canopies and the Library.

There is a certain mixture of opulence with a carefree spirit that evokes the festive atmosphere of the 1970s. This bewitching feel is enhanced by the live music performed by musicians who add a lively vibe throughout the evening until 2 am. Not surprisingly, the talented performances and amazing music bring diners to their feet.

Bon appétit! © Romain Ricard

Mondaine embodies accessible luxury, both in the décor and on the menu, where one will find a variety of classic French cuisine along with caviar, truffles, and foie gras, as well as simpler dishes beautifully executed.

The lively bar features signature cocktails straight out of the 70s, which complete the cosmopolitan spirit, as well as great wines and lovely champagnes, setting the mood to dance the night away.

Relax in style at the Maison Russe © Romain Ricard

The Maison Russe

The Maison Russe is another restaurant by Paris Society that takes you on a unique and diverse culinary adventure. Housed in the luxurious Pauilhac Hotel in the 8th arrondissement, this “maison particulier” encompasses four floors including seven private dining rooms and secret access to two confidential nooks. With its sumptuously opulent décor, the Maison welcomes guests who are immediately transported to “an exceptional place where the Slavic soul meets the Parisian spirit. Chic table, bar, delicatessen.” “In the City of Light, push open the doors of shimmering Russia”, states the Society Group.

Seated at a candlelit table in the plush dining room, the culinary ballet starts with pure luxury for the palate. A “Franco-Russian” menu will arouse your tastebuds with noble products ranging from lobster, truffles, sole meunière and caviars by the spoon. The salmon Coulbiac, a Russian speciality served with a white butter sauce, is a must. More traditional dishes, including scallop carpaccio and fillet of beef, are well prepared and presented.

Make your selection © Romain Ricard

The bar (that transforms into a discreet seasonal terrace) offers great classics revisited as well as signature cocktails, and of course, a selection of exceptional vodkas. All of these may be imbibed while rocking to the DJ sets throughout the evening.

Dining on delicious Russian gastronomic classics while very comfortably ensconced inside a stunning interior that masterfully combines opulence without formality entices you to immerse yourself in the pleasures of the past. If you leave dazzled, the Maison Russe has its own boutique where you can purchase décor items and even Russian and French delicacies.

Savour un bon moment at La Maison Russe © Romain Ricard

It is no wonder that the Paris restaurant scene is hotter than ever. These restaurants are as lively as they are diverse, with their own distinct identity. They represent that certain French je ne sais quoi. In a city where people don’t just eat to live, but live to eat, wining and dining is serious business. Society Group CEO Sébastian Pacault explains that their ambition is “to offer the best…Surprising locations, breathtaking views, hidden treasures.” From what one sees and tastes at these two restaurants, they are doing just that.

Mondaine de Pariso
23 rue de Ponthieu
Paris 8

Maison Russe
59 Avenue Raymond Poincaré
Paris 16

Lead photo credit : Sumptuous Mondaine de Pariso © Romain Ricard

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