France Today Ambassadors

The France Today Ambassador programme was launched in October 2014 with four Ambassadors in major U.S. cities. As our editorial teams are so busy in France, we don’t often get the chance to attend France-related events in the U.S. Hence the France Today Ambassadors serve as representatives of the magazine at cultural events, press launches, and social gatherings. Our hope is to expand the pilot programme to other major international locations in the future!

Barbara Gerber

Barbara Gerber (Los Angeles, CA)

Barbara is a native of Los Angeles. She graduated from UCLA with a BA degree in Political Science, and also received her JD degree from UCLA School of Law. While at UCLA, she spent her junior year in Grenoble, France. From that time on, she has been an avid and passionate Francophile. She has visited almost every region in France, and still pursues French language courses in Los Angeles. She continues to visit France every year.

Valerie O’Halloran

Valerie O’Halloran (New York, NY)

Valerie was raised in the Southern California sunshine. She credits her voyager parents, decade-younger sister, Beau, combined with an-early education at a French school for inspiring a Francophile spirit. Then, years at an all-girls boarding school followed by university in the South fostered her deep interest in travel by circumnavigating the world on a ship and an internship in Saint-Estephe. She favors exploring the many regions of France from the sunflowers in Bourges to the camembert country in Normandy yet still relishes long layovers in Paris for art and dinners. She lives and works in New York City while cherishing moments when she can partake in French culture or even take the time to guide a French tourist (practising language skills, of course!)

Kathy Morton

Kathy Morton (Charlotte & Raleigh, NC)

Kathy has a passion for France that began with her first French class. After returning to school as an adult, she received her MA in French and French Literature. Her career in Teaching at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro further fueled her desire to share her love of all things French – with students, fellow travelers, and Francophiles. As a co-recipient of the Culinary Trust’s Julia Child Endowment Fund Scholarship for travel in France, she has explored every region of France. As a member of the Slow Food Movement, she has an appetite for exploring the remarkable and historic treasures, culinary sites and all traditions of France

Martha Sessums

Martha Sessums (San Francisco, CA)

Intrigued by France since her first stroll along the Seine, Martha and her husband often travel to Paris to explore the city and beyond. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, delighting in its strong Francophone and French culture community. She was a high-tech public relations executive and currently runs a non-profit continuing education organization.

Phil Tremo

Phil Tremo (Washington, D.C.)

Phil has been charmed by France ever since a school trip to the popular Festival d’Avignon. Over the years, he has explored many regions of l’Hexagone, including a recent vacation to Champagne to pick grapes during harvest season – Santé!

Back at home in Washington, D.C., he enjoys a variety of French cultural events, including films, concerts, and language classes. He is excited to be representing France Today in the D.C. area.