In Conversation with Chef Alain Ducasse

In Conversation with Chef Alain Ducasse

Friday 12th April 16:00-17:00 EST

Join us for an exclusive online event brought to you in collaboration with our friends at Federation of Alliances Françaises USA featuring legendary Chef Alain Ducasse.

We’ll be welcomed by our host Chef Jean-Christian Agid at Chef Ducasse’s New York restaurant, Benoit, to discuss his new book, Good Taste: A Life of Food and Passion, a memoir and manifesto from the world’s most Michelin starred chef. This event will be a unique blend of French and English language, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich culinary culture of France while brushing up on your language skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a master as he shares his passion for food and his life’s journey in the kitchen.

Born in 1956 on a farm in Les Landes, France, Chef Ducasse went on to train with great chefs including Michel Guérard, Gaston Lenôtre, Alain Chapel and Roger Vergé. He received his first three Michelin stars in 1990 at the Louis XV restaurant in Monaco. Since then, he has set up schools, created artisan factories and opened restaurants across the world, most notably in Japan, the United States and London. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a culinary professional, or simply looking to expand your gastronomic horizons, don’t miss this unforgettable conversation with one of the most celebrated chefs of his generation.

You can purchase Good Taste: A Life of Food and Passion here.


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