5 Reasons to Learn French with SL Immersion



5 Reasons to Learn French with SL Immersion

Want to learn French or improve your skills in French? An immersive course in France, staying at the home of your chosen teacher, might just be the thing you need. 

 1. Learn French in the most beautiful places in France

Where better to improve your French than in France itself? With teachers located all over the country, SL Immersion offers students the chance to stay in fantastic locations.

From Brittany, to the Alpine charms of Haute-Savoie, down to the Luberon, or event the elegant Versailles, choose the French home that will suit you best and learn authentic French with locals. 

Bienvenue at your teachers home © S.L.Immersion

2. An immersive stay

Bienvenue at your teacher’s home! An immersive stay in the comfort and cosiness of a private home is a fantastic opportunity for learning French as it is really spoken in France. Beyond the language-learning, you’ll be immersed in real French culture and find out about the way of life in France. Forget the clichés and find out what France and the French language really sound like. 

Tailor made courses © S.L.Immersion

3. Tailor-made language courses

Because you are living with your tutors, the courses could not be more personalised. The teachers at SL Immersion boast years of experience and can therefore adapt their lessons to your needs and your progress during the stay. 

Online courses are also available to keep up your learning streak after your immersive stay and business-focused teaching is another great option for those working for a French company or with French clients, as well as a variety of free resources, such as quizzes, French recipes and even song lyrics to push your language skills the extra mile.


Unique French experience © S.L.Immersion

4. Boost your fluency in French and discover French culture

During a homestay, you will be learning French through guided conversations, during mealtimes for example, to help boost your fluency in everyday French language. Outside activities like cultural visits will allow you to practice French with other locals in real-time and in an authentic setting.

5. Join S.L.Immersion and live French language

In French a spoken language is called “langue vivante”, a ‘living language’ and indeed, learning a new language should be about more than leanring the grammar or repetitive vocabulary lists. Leanring a language is about experiencing the lives of those who speak it, which is an immersion course is the best possible way to improve your French. Living in the country you love and boost your skills in French with SL Immersion. 

For more information, visit slimmersion-france.com. You can also contact a personal language consellor or one of SL Immersion’s Ambassadors for the best advice on which course to choose.

Ask for a complete and entirely personalised quote to fit your course to your specific needs and goals.

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