A Weekend in Puy du Fou



A Weekend in Puy du Fou

France’s favourite theme park is so vast and jam-packed with incredible shows and activities that one day is not enough to visit. Get the full experience during your stay in Vendée by taking a couple of days at Puy du Fou, the theme park that lets you live through history. 

Stock up on special effects and spectacular stunts. You will experience intense moments of emotion in the heart of monumental stage settings of striking realism. Not to mention the immersive experiences in which you will play a role: walk through a Verdun trench in the middle of the 14/18 War, cross the oceans aboard an 18th century ship or accompany the king of the Franks in a stunning universe! 

Le Signe du Triomphe show © Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

What to do

There are 20 shows and activities held every day at the park, not to mention authentically recreated period villages and atmospheres, animal parks and even an entire ancient forest to explore. The best way to plan your days in Puy du Fou, is to download the smartphone application that can create a program for you depending on the length of your stay and your preferences. 

Make sure you arrive 30 minutes before every show to ensure seating but if you want to save some time, you can purchase the Emotion Pass (25€ a day and per person) to allow you to arrive just 10 minutes before a show. 

Tip: Book in advance and save up to 20% on your tickets. If you book your meals in the park’s restaurants in advance too, you can save 15%. 

Held on 28 nights a year, particularly in the summer, the world-renown Cinéscénie show is a nocturnal spectacle that requires a specific ticket. On a 23-hectare stage and in front of the Puy du Fou castle, the mythical show is a giant, live fresco where 2,500 actors and dancers retrace seven centuries of history in a romance mixing real events and French legends. 

Where to Stay

There are six hotels located within the park, each with their own design and atmosphere. Take your pick among the eras you’d like to dream in! 

  • The Logis de Lescure and its sumptuous 18th century building, for those with a thirst for knowledge and culture. 
  • The resplendent pavilions of the Sun King, for those who love refinement and art. 
  • The real fortress of La Citadelle, for a stay in a castle among the knights. 
  • The Camp du Drap d’Or and its flamboyant loggias plunging you into the Renaissance in full splendour. 
  • The lake city of the Iles de Clovis, a waterside accommodation set in nature and transporting you back to the Merovingian era. 
  • The Gallo-Roman Villa and its architecture of Ancient Rome. 

Where to Eat

Enjoy a little break from all the excitement in one of the many taverns and restaurants set within the park. All you need to do is choose the era and atmosphere you’d like to make a toast in: for a beer with friends, head to the Halle Eiffel in the Bourg Bérard where a remarkable craft beer bar awaits but if you’d rather the freshness of the forest, pick the Rendez-Vous des Ventres Faims with its terrace shaded by the canopy of centuries-old trees.  

Delve into French Renaissance at the restaurant l’Echansonnerie set at the heart of a castle or immerse yourself into 18th-century France in the village of Chasselous where you’ll find the restaurant L’Alambic, beautifully built with old stones. 

Alternatively and to save a little on costs, pack a picnic and sprawl out in the designated picnic parks for a leisurely outdoor lunch. 

Bring back those memories!

Puy du Fou is not only about the spectacular shows, the decor of the entire park is breath-taking and worthy of a thousand photos. But if you’d like to elevate your selfie game or display truly unique family photos, make sure snap some pics at these highlights 

  • The Roman stadium 
  • During the “Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes” bird show 
  • The Grand Carousel fountain 
  • In the Grand Préé, with the animals 
  • In the rose garden of Ronsard and the maze, particularly in the spring when the flowers are blooming 

For more information and ticket reservations, visit www.puydufou.com

Lead photo credit : Le Bal des Oiseaux Fantômes © Arnaud Masson / Puy du Fou

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