10 Reasons to Visit Puy du Fou



10 Reasons to Visit Puy du Fou

Forget the 21st century and travel back in time to Puy du Fou. Grand shows, audacious staging, breathtaking scenery and special effects plunge the whole family into various worlds, from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century.

“France’s favourite theme park” welcomes 2.6 million annual visitors and is not to be missed during your trip to France. Here are ten great reasons to discover this unique theme park.

This article was first published in January 2023 and updated in January 2024.

1. A “made in France” concept

Get a taste of French excellence at Puy du Fou, where each visit proves to be an emotional journey through time. There are no rides or endless queues here… In the heart of preserved nature and in settings of striking realism, you travel from era to era thanks to 20 grandiose shows designed like great live-action movies. Roman chariot races, musketeer duels or Viking assaults, let yourself be carried away by emotions that you have never felt until now.

Le Mime et l’Etoile © Julien Benhamou / Puy du Fou

2. Grandiose shows, translated into 4 languages

The creations of Puy du Fou have no equivalent in the world and have been revolutionizing the world of parks and live entertainment for more than 45 years. Majestic scenery, impressive waterfalls and incredible special effects amaze 2.6 million visitors each year. Simultaneously translated into 4 languages ​​via the free mobile application, these shows of unrivaled quality immerse young and old in a fascinating experience through the History of France and its legends.


© Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

3. A multi-generational experience

Puy du Fou is a place where all generations share great adventures together. From young children to grandparents, from teenagers to young couples, everyone will find what they are looking for among the shows and activities that are suitable for all ages.

© Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

4. The ideal stop on your holiday roadtrip

Ideally located between the beaches of the Atlantic and the castles of the Loire Valley, Puy du Fou is at the crossroads of regions with exceptional heritage, such as Brittany, the Loire Valley, or Bordeaux, and only 1 hour from Nantes. Fine sandy beaches, historic towns, vineyards and castles, let yourself be seduced by the diversity of activities and landscapes around the “Best Park in the World”.

Saint Vincent Sur Jard beach © Alexandre Lamoureux

5. Worldwide recognition

Awarded throughout the world for the quality of its shows, Puy du Fou has twice received the title of “Best Park in the World” and its creations are regularly praised by the greatest professionals.

Each year, the 2.6 million visitors bear witness to this unique experience by systematically placing Puy du Fou at the top of all rankings on rating platforms.


© Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

6. The most affordable park in France

At €44 for a 1-day ticket, “The Best Park in the World” is also… the most affordable! For the price of a concert or a classical show elsewhere, you can experience a whole day of emotions at Puy du Fou and enjoy around twenty major shows awarded around the world! And no unpleasant surprises on arrival, parking is completely free.

© Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

7. Surrounded by 200 hectares of nature

Stroll through authentic villages, walk the paths of a legendary forest and discover a place where the magic of shows mixes with the splendor of nature. Certified “Green Globe” since 2012, the park sees preserving the environment as a crucial issue. Since its creation, the Puy du Fou teams have preserved the original forest and continue to expand it, offering visitors a peaceful escape, far from the urban hustle and bustle.

© Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

8. Timeless hotels

Puy du Fou is a unique experience that can be enjoyed over one, two or three days because when night falls, great nighttime shows prolong the magic of the place. Continue your journey in one of the six historic hotels and choose which century you will sleep in. Sumptuous atmosphere at the Sun King’s quarters or natural atmosphere in 5th-century huts on stilts… Experience an unforgettable night in comfortable family rooms.


© Stéphane Audran / Puy du Fou

9. Innovation at the heart of the park’s creativity

At the forefront of its artistic innovation, the Puy du Fou’s shows constantly push the limits of imagination. A huge rotating dungeon, a terrifying longship emerging from the water, or a monumental theater flooding in a few seconds… The wildest dreams come true here! Immerse yourself in a world where innovation creates new emotions, making Puy du Fou a pioneer in global entertainment.

© Julien Benhamou / Puy du Fou

10. A spectacle for the tastebuds too

French gastronomy is in the spotlight at Puy du Fou and each meal is a culinary journey, part of a period of history. From the certified organic vegetable gardens to a policy of favouring local producers, the park’s commitment to healthy and fresh food is palpable. Let yourself be enchanted by unique taste experiences, where magic is expressed both in the shows and on the plates.

For more information, visit www.puydufou.com/en

© Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

Lead photo credit : Le Signe du Triomphe © Arthur Aumond / Puy du Fou

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