10 Reasons to Visit Puy du Fou



10 Reasons to Visit Puy du Fou

Forget the 21st century and travel back in time to Puy du Fou. Grand shows, audacious staging, breathtaking scenery and special effects plunge the whole family into various worlds, from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century. “Awesome”, “wonderful”, “fabulous”, “magical”, “exceptional” are the most common terms the 2.3 million annual visitors to Puy du Fou describe the experience. Here are ten great reasons to discover this unique theme park.

An astonishing spectacle © Arthur Aumond

1. A Park Full of Emotion

Puy du Fou promises unforgettable moments, full of emotions to share as a family. And if the crowds of the world come to Puy du Fou for a moving experience, it is because it offers a show with values and emotions that touch the hearts of visitors of all ages. There are no whirling attractions or stunning rides. Instead, at Puy du Fou, visitors are captivated by increasingly surprising and original shows. All original creations “made in Puy du Fou” are conceived as great live films with impressive special effects, but emotion remains at the heart of Puy du Fou’s concept.

Puy du Fou’s Cinéscénie © Martin Sylvos

2. A Unique Concept

In 40 years, Puy du Fou has managed to establish its artistic signature and become one of the great references in shows and parks. He beat all the odds and broke all the classic marketing rules.

“Le Puy du Fou does not offer visitors what they like but what they might like!” Faithful to this motto for 40 years, it traces its path far from the standards of the sector. The park’s investment strategy is, without a doubt, one of the foundations of the success of Puy du Fou. Every year, 100% of profits are reinvested in new original creations. No shareholders and not a penny of public money since its creation, this adventure remains a 100% self-funded private initiative. Since 1977, Puy du Fou has invested more than €1 billion in its development and employs 80% of local businesses, supporting the community.

The Vikings attack © Alain Moneger

3. Magnificent Shows Based on Real History

From the Gauls to the Romans, the Vikings or the Court of King Henri II and François I, from the famous French musketeers to the Poilus soldiers of the First World War, Puy du Fou revisits the key periods of French history. All this is embellished with a romantic touch and a few detours through myths and legends. Study history while having fun! Plus, all the shows are translated (thanks to the simultaneous translation of Puy du Fou mobile app).

Simply magic! © Martin Sylvos

4. Best Park in the World

Puy du Fou, having won five global awards and twice voted as Best World Park (in March 2012 in Los Angeles and in November 2014 in Orlando), is a remarkable success. Each year, more and more visitors come to enjoy the spectacular shows. So far, more than 2.3 million visitors have travelled back in time, making Puy du Fou the top park in the work in terms of visitor satisfaction (according to TripAdvisor). Puy du Fou has also been named the best tourist destination according to UFC Que Choisir and the best theme park according to Capital magazine, among other awards.

Head to Puy du Fou for an unforgettable experience © Loic Lagarde

5. Hotels Outside of Time

Like the haute couture houses, Puy du Fou teams consider each project as a work of art, focusing on every detail and raising the standard to the highest level to achieve the excellence sought. This is not only the case for the shows but also for the reenactment villages and the themed accommodation at the park.

So, visitors can be literally immersed, for one night, in the atmosphere of ancient Rome, with La Villa Gallo-Romaine hotel and its Mediterranean garden. Alternatively, you can go back to the Middle Ages with the Merovingian huts, on stilts, in The Clovis Islands hotel or stay in a real fortress at The Citadel. In total, Puy du Fou’s “Cité Nocturne” has 5 themed hotels, which offer visitors a complete change of scenery.

A show to remember! © David Piole

6. Constant Innovation

Innovation is in Puy du Fou’s DNA. The park is a real laboratory, full of technological exploits: an 18-metre keep that moves by itself, a 20-metre drakkar rising from the water, 50 horses trained to reproduce a chariot race in an arena with 7000 seats, a 2500 m² area turning into a lake in a few moments, a platform of 2500 seats rotating at 360°… the list continues. Puy du Fou’s experts regularly come up with new, amazing technological innovations to further enhance the shows for the audience.

Immerse yourself in nature with a walk in the forest © Loic Lagarde

7. Park Surrounded by Nature

For 45 years, Puy du Fou has protected its original forest and continues to expand it by constantly planting new tree species. Since 1977, the area of the forest has more than doubled to 200 hectares today.

La Salade du Chevalier Fulgent

8. Spectacular Food

In its restaurants, Puy du Fou works with the best producers and farmers to fulfill its commitment to the freshness of its food with 100% of its sandwiches and salads being made on-site. Puy du Fou is also committed to working with local producers and farmers: 50% of the suppliers are located in the Vendée and 70% of the suppliers are located less than 100 km away.

Since 2018, Puy du Fou has even cultivated its own market garden. This small green haven — 1.6 organic-certified hectares with no herbicides allows Puy du Fou to grow radishes, tomatoes, zucchini, and aromatic herbs, as well as the star of the vegetable garden: strawberries! In total, 3.5 tons of fruit and vegetables are produced every year for Puy du Fou’s restaurants.

Le Mime et l’Etoile is Puy du Fou’s new show for 2023

9. Discover the New Addition for 2023

Every year, Puy du Fou develops a new original creation. In 2023, the new show is called “Le Mime et l’Etoile”. It will be a completely new universe. Visitors will dive into the making of a film and live the first steps of cinema. Only a true love will be able to give the characters back their voice and return the colour to their faces. A show with many twists and special effects.

Puy du Fou has something for all ages!

10. Park for All Generations

As the experience focuses on grandiose shows, history and its legends, many families walk the paths of the park to enjoy extraordinary adventures. Grandparents invite their grandchildren. School groups make the most of the experience to take a study trip. More and more young adults are visiting the park for its unique offering. All these generations cross in the heart of Puy du Fou’s hundred-year-old forest and agree on one point: 96% say the experience has exceeded their expectations and are very satisfied.

Find out more: www.puydufou.com/en

Lead photo credit : Puy du Fou is regarded by many as the best theme park in the world © David Piole

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