Sorbonne Summer School



Sorbonne Summer School

This year marks the 13th anniversary of the Faculté des Lettres de Sorbonne Université’s summer school. For a month, from 26 June to 21 July, people from across the globe come to Paris to study various subjects with world-renowned experts from Sorbonne Université’s faculty.

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1-week courses can be taken in English or French and subjects vary from Paris and its monuments to Searching for the sources of European culture: Greco-Roman antiquity as well as classic French literature and even French gastronomy. For the more scientific-minded, there are courses on artificial intelligence and climate change. Plus, for those looking to quickly improve their French, there are six levels of 2-week language courses on offer — 40 hours for A1, A2, and B1 or 60 hours for B2 and C1.

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The summer school courses are held either in the morning or afternoon, so you have plenty of time to explore Paris alongside your studies to practise your French, immerse yourself in Parisian life, and wander the streets to find the best boulangerie.

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The origins of Sorbonne Université can be traced back to 12257 when Robert de Sorbon established one of the first universities in Europe: Collège de Sorbonne. The Faculté des Lettres, one of the Sorbonne’s three faculties, includes history, geography, languages, musicology, and philosophy.

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    Therese Saint Clair Wilder
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