French Detours

We view France through a different lens, focusing on regional specialities, hidden gems and authentic experiences. Our services showcase the best of France, whether it’s planning an unforgettable trip, finding your dream home abroad, or simply enjoying luxurious artisanal products.


Our self-guided itineraries are perfect for travelers who want to know the best local spots, but enjoy the freedom of customizing their own vacation.   These complete guides provide an overview of the region (with an emphasis on all of the specialities and where to get them), three levels of accommodations to suit everyone’s style, and day-by-day itineraries packed with way too many options so that you can choose what speaks to you. We focus on authenticity and charm.   Stay at the enchanting Manoir des Petites Bretonnes in Brittany, where a farm-fresh breakfast basket is delivered to your door daily, or learn how to make traditional lavender wands with Elsa in Provence.  These guides feature practical tips as well, such as best times to go, weather and transportation.  Simply purchase, print and go!

For those who appreciate more advanced planning, we offer full travel agent services.  Have ideas but need some advice?   We do consulting.   Do you prefer to have every detail taken care of?  We can book your entire tour.

Our blog is filled with useful travel tips, places to get your “French fix” in the States, and many other topics – follow us here.



Your dream home:

Are vacations just not giving you enough time to experience that French “joie de vivre”?  It may be time for your own vacation home!   While it seems like a logistical nightmare, our partner International Property Shares makes this dream come true through fractional ownership.  Unlike a timeshare, you own your second home, but you share the cost and responsibilities with a limited number of co-owners.   This American company allows you to invest in real estate without having to deal with French laws, so you will be free to worry about which boulangerie makes the best baguette and where to go for apéroEnjoy the tranquil pace of village life in your own home, filled with character and charm.


Artisan products: 

“French Detours” was born from the desire to share the specialties that make each region unique, such as crêpes in Brittany or mustard in Burgundy.  Not all specialities are culinary.  Perfume is composed in Provence, while you’ll find your striped “marinière” shirt being stitched in Normandy.  “Made in France” products are of the highest quality, and artisans are dedicated craftspeople who respect tradition and “terroir”.   We simply adore them.   Our online boutique features limited quantities of treasured artisan products, and we could not be more proud to share them with you. We began with the award-winning Castelas olive oils, and they remain our best seller.  In many cases, we have asked for a behind-the-scenes look at how they are made, and these videos are available on our YouTube Channel:  @frenchdetours5338.



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