Green France: Hydrogen Boats and Smart Water Bottles

Green France: Hydrogen Boats and Smart Water Bottles

Eco-tourism and green living in France is endlessly evolving – here we bring you the latest news and developments in tourism from hydrogen-powered river cruising and a gradual ban on gas-fired heating.

Holidaymakers who enjoy cruising along the peaceful canals of southern Burgundy can now do so at the helm of France’s very first licence-free, hydrogen-powered boat. Since this spring, boaters have been embarking on a zero-emission nautical tour from Digoin in Saône-et-Loire, which sits at the confluence of three rich and peaceful itineraries.

The boat, named after Sir William R. Grove – a British lawyer and amateur chemist, who developed the first fuel cell in 1839 is operated by Les Canalous, a family-run company specialising in river tourism. It is available for day hire (€269) and accommodates two to 12 passengers. No skipper’s licence is needed, as the vessel can be easily piloted after a short initiation. Table, chairs, and sanitary facilities provided.

Going green

Tourisme vert (green tourism) hit record levels in Charente’s Plus Beau Village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne this spring, with record numbers enjoying hiking and biking trails, as well as picnics – a boost of 26% compared to May 2022. British visitors were notably more numerous, said local authorities.

Thirsty no more

Cycle route La Vélodyssée has teamed up with start-up Hoali and its #gourdefriendly solution to keep cyclists hydrated along their route. It’s a simple, sustainable, free and committed solution that allows cyclists to geolocate water points and all available water refill points free of charge via an interactive map that can be easily consulted from a smartphone.

© La Vélodyssée

Ban is heating up

Since January 2022, the French government has enforced a ban on gas-fired heating being fitted to new single-family homes. Now it has announced that in 2025, this measure will be extended to new collective buildings, in particular apartment blocks. However, a ban is not on the agenda for older buildings, the French Minister for Housing has indicated.

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Lead photo credit : © C.Muller Wille / Les Canalous

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  • Tony Volkas
    2023-11-14 02:36:17
    Tony Volkas
    I think it is very important that humanity thinks more about ecology now. Look at what our world is turning into. There has been a lot of talk and stuff about this, but few people follow the principles of environmental friendliness, but all the same, I think at least a little care about our planet is already good than nothing at all. It's cool that something eco-friendly is also being created in France, I think it's important. I am very concerned about the situation in the world, but I hope more and more countries will start taking care of the environment, because it is the time already..