Book Reviews: The New Paris by Lindsey Tramuta

Book Reviews: The New Paris by Lindsey Tramuta

Bulldozing the myopic view of her adopted city as a living museum is the ambitious premise behind The New Paris. Once an idealistic American after her own slice of “textbook reverie,” Tramuta too has been guilty of relegating the capital to a mere trophy city. Now a bona fide (and screwed-on) Parisienne, she deftly peels back the hackneyed veneer to reveal a dynamic metropolis on the cusp of unprecedented shift; one spearheaded by a phalanx of creatives – from champions of the moreish Bistronomy movement to single-minded craft brewers and trendy independents.

Her painstaking research even sees the expat scoff her merry way through the indulgent displays of the capital’s most coveted new confectioners. A whirlwind gambol around Paris’s it-spots and swanky hangouts, this precious guide puts paid once and for all to its immutable rap…

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Highly recommended. THE NEW PARIS, Lindsey Tramuta, List price £18.99, Published by Abrams

From France Today magazine

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