Hôtel Le Mas d’Entremont: An Oasis of Calm near Aix-en-Provence

Hôtel Le Mas d’Entremont: An Oasis of Calm near Aix-en-Provence

Looking for an oasis of calm and quiet less than five miles from the centre of Aix-en-Provence? We booked Le Mas d’Entremont, situated in a forest right off RN7, and we felt like we had the best of both worlds.

We opted for a superior room located behind the main building, down a meandering path through scenic gardens, sitting areas, and tall trees. All the superior rooms, apartments and suites are in this area, housed in a variety of buildings with individual detail and charm. Our superior room was more suite-like with its front patio, large entry-bedroom area, separate kitchenette and enormous bathroom. We relaxed on patio lounge chairs while listening to singing birds and rustling cypress and pine trees. We also brought in some food that we prepared and ate at the patio table on Sunday, as the restaurant is closed Sunday evenings.

We did get a chance to dine Saturday evening at the Michelin recommended restaurant, Celony. On this warm spring evening everyone was seated outdoors on the terrace, surrounded by plants, twinkling lights, and bubbling fountains. A one-hundred year old Tilleul tree created a woven canopy of branches and leaves above our heads. The meal was superb, as was the service. Petit déjeuner is also served on the terrace each morning and is equally memorable and delicious.

The property is large, covering about four acres. The 100-year-old farmhouse houses the lobby, various lounge areas, and a spectacular banquet room. In addition, there is a big swimming pool, tennis court and exercise room on the property. The grounds include a variety of flowers and plants, a cage of colourful birds and, a big ornamental pool where a multitude of fish hide among the water lilies.

From this location I was treated to a vivid sunset in the west while– at the exact same moment– I saw the moon rising in the east. During my nocturnal promenade, I discovered a stairway leading down to a private home set in a vast open space below. I later found out that this is where the owners stay when they are at their hotel.

Even though the Mas was fully booked, we experienced the beauty of nature in a peaceful and natural environment. With its convenient proximity to Aix-en-Provence, it was easy to have the city nearby for activities and the country to come home to for serenity and relaxation.

Hôtel Le Mas d’Entremont, 315 Route d’Avignon, 13090 Aix-en-Provence. Tel: +33 4 42 17 42 42. Rates vary seasonally from 167 euros/night in the low season.

Jo Anne Marquardt is the author of My Trip Around the Hexagon: Meandering in France and Falling in Love with France, both available at Amazon.com. Her first published book, Falling in Love with France, offers responses to the various questions friends and family have asked her over the years about why she visits France so often. The second book includes illustrations and descriptive notes from her travel journals.

Visit Jo Anne’s website to check out her art: www.joannemarquardt.com.

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