How to Spend 48 Hours in Dieppe



How to Spend 48 Hours in Dieppe

The oldest seaside resort of France also boasts a thriving fishing port, a fascinating museum and a wide choice of restaurants and boutiques selling local products from Normandy. In short, plenty to do over two days for a refreshing break blowing out the cobwebs with the salty sea air.

Dieppe is just a short crossing away by ferry from Newhaven, located just a few hours’ drive from London, or you can sit back on the train for a quick trip from Paris.

Day 1

The city of Dieppe beats to the rhythm of its port. Start the day at dawn, the perfect time to discover the excitement of the fish market after the fishermen bring in the catch of the day. Sit down at a terrace, enjoy a coffee and let yourself be surprised by the spectacle: the comings and goings of the boats, the fishermen’s wives busy preparing their stalls and of course the seagulls, their keen eyes attentively watching for the slightest opportunity to catch shell debris. 

Watch the fishermen bring in the catch of the day ©Giada Connestari

Next, head to the Dieppe Museum, housed in a castle and accessible on foot. You will delve into the history of the city through various collections. Explore its status as the oldest French seaside resort, its commercial past linked to ivory, its attraction to impressionist artists, and much more. 

Take the time to appreciate the panorama before heading towards the heart of the city. Don’t miss a stop at the Café des Tribunaux, a true Dieppe institution, which awaits you for a pleasant time. 

Dieppe castle © Young Wild Travelers

Spend part of your afternoon at sea on a speedboat cruise. Sail along the majestic white chalk cliffs and, who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot dolphins! 

Take advantage of the rest of the day to explore the city, discover its charming shops, such as the La Grande Ourse bookstore, the famous Olivier grocery store, the Dieppe roastery, as well as the delicious chocolatiers. 

Rue de Dieppe © Hello Travelers

For dinner, we suggest La Cale, a friendly bistro nestled in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy fresh seafood. End this beautiful day with a restful night in unusual accommodation, Les Petites Suites Dieppoises, where the decoration is unique and for which we can’t wait to hear your impressions! 

Day 2

Start the morning by enjoying a delicious breakfast at Aux Pains Populaires. This unique bakery favours 100% organic sourdough, advocates fair working conditions and guarantees fair prices. It is a warm place where you can share a quality moment. 

After regaining your strength, you are now ready for a short walk to the Chapelle Bonsecours. This chapel is a touching tribute to the sailors who disappeared at sea. Cross the picturesque Pollet district and emerge on a unique panorama of the city. Extend your walk to the small and charming Puys beach, where you can relax by dipping your feet in the water. On the way back, stop at Chez Polette, opposite the marina, to enjoy a delicious plate of fresh whelks. 

Puys, a hamlet just outside Dieppe ©Hello Travelers

In the afternoon, relax at Les Bains aquatic center, with its seawater pool and soothing marine atmosphere at the spa. Take advantage of this experience to recharge your batteries. 

Les Bains aquatic centre © Young Wild Travelers

Remember to taste the famous Marmite Dieppoise before leaving, and what better place than the La Marmite Dieppoise restaurant to enjoy it? The seafood feast will leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds. Also don’t forget to bring a small cooler filled with scallops as a souvenir. You won’t find gifts more memorable than these. 

Selling scallops ©Giada Connestari

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Lead photo credit : The lovely port of Dieppe © Hello Travelers

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