The Glorious Sculpture Parks of France


Host: Sophie Gardner-Roberts

Join guide and writer Amy Kupec-Larue on a virtual exploration of the creation and allure of sculpture parks in France. From the majestic Château de La Coste, to the monumental works at the Commanderie de Peyrassol, or the Domaine de Kerguéhennec. Discover the pioneer open-air museums, the dialogue between mineral and vegetal in the vineyards, and the initiatives by Château de Versailles and the City of Paris to bring contemporary sculpture to a wider audience.

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  • Melissa Dvorak
    2023-09-19 04:36:29
    Melissa Dvorak
    Bon Nuit from California Dreams of gardens to come -----


  • Debra Borchert
    2023-09-11 07:42:25
    Debra Borchert
    Although I have a two year subscription to the magazine, and have attempted to subscribe to the digital edition I STILL CANNOT ACCESS THAT WHICH I HAVE PAID FOR!!!!!!!


  • Lynda B. Hartman
    2023-09-10 10:10:36
    Lynda B. Hartman
    My email and password are current but when trying to watch The Glorious Sculpture Parks of France, it indicates that i don't have access to France today Live.


  • Lynda B. Hartman
    2023-09-10 10:07:48
    Lynda B. Hartman
    xxxxxx. I am trying to watch the glorious sculpture parks o f france