Lamb Shoulder Boulangère

Lamb Shoulder Boulangère

1 lamb shoulder

1 oz. pig fat
35 oz. potatoes
3 onions
1 glass stock
1 pinch parsley

Ask your butcher to bone and tie the lamb. Place the meat in a pan, moisten with the melted pig fat and let brown in the over at 360° F for 45 minutes. In the meantime, brown the chopped onions and peeled, quartered potatoes. When the meat is half-cooked, pour a little stock over the lamb and place potatoes and onions, with their juices, all around the meat, add seasoning and put it back in the oven for the remaining time. Be sure to frequently baste the lamb with its own juice and turn the potatoes. Sprinkle parsley atop the dish just before serving.


This recipe was published in Cuisinière Parisienne by Sonia Ezgulian (Stéphane Bachès).

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