French Film Review: Amore Mio

French Film Review: Amore Mio

The movie opens on the day of Raphael’s funeral. His wife, Lola, is beside herself with grief and doesn’t know how to cope with her own sorrow or that of her seven-year-old son. Her sister, Margaux, from whom she has been estranged for years, turns up for the funeral, but on their way to the ceremony, Lola persuades Margaux to flee and take them away from it all.

An impromptu trip to Italy follows, during which the two sisters rediscover their love for each other and begin to rekindle the childhood relationship they once had and all the freedom that entailed. Expect laughter and tears in this life-affirming movie about death and, ultimately, love.

Director: Guillaume Gouix
Starring: Élodie Bouchez, Alysson Paradis

Lead photo credit : Elodie Bouchez and Alysson Paradis in Amore Mio

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