French Film Review: Petites

French Film Review: Petites

Pregnant 16-year-old Camille is placed in a home for teen mothers by a family court judge. Separated from her own loving yet toxic mother, she strikes up a friendship with Alison, another rather immature under-age mother, and rebels against the social worker Nadine, a passionate, albeit blasé authority figure. All of these encounters will radically change her destiny.

Director Julie Lerat-Gersant was inspired by her experiences of conducting writing workshops in teenage pregnancy centres, where she was struck by “the disarming combination of carefree adolescence coupled with parental responsibilities. The reality of life there is harsh”.

Director: Julie Lerat-Gersant
Starring: Pili Groyne, Romane Bohringer

Lead photo credit : Poster of the film Petites

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  • susan gyulai
    2023-05-24 05:25:16
    susan gyulai
    Is there a place where this film can be streaming through a network in the US? I would love to see the films reviewed by France Today. Many of them seem remarkable, but unattainable. Susan G