French Film Reviews: Médecin de Campagne

French Film Reviews: Médecin de Campagne

For the past 30 years, Dr Jean-Pierre Werner has been working as a general practitioner in the countryside, far away from any other medical facility. When he finds out that he suffers from a serious illness, Werner is left with no choice but to find a replacement, although he considers himself irreplaceable.

What follows is a sensitive exploration of life in a rural community practice. It’s a revealing insight into the strains of French community healthcare (with some wonderfully crafted idiosyncratic local patients). But at its heart lies the subtle relationship drama between Werner (François Cluzet) and his junior partner played by Marianne Denicourt.

Médecin de Campagne, Director: Thomas Lilti, Cert: 12, Running time: 102 mins

From France Today magazine

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