Film Reviews: Gaspard at the Wedding

Film Reviews: Gaspard at the Wedding

Billed as a comedy, Gaspard at the Wedding is frankly anything but. Part searing family drama, part surreal fairy tale (with sexual subtext and a bear-girl to boot) the genre-bending opus is hard to pin down.

After many years spent keeping a careful distance, Gaspard, 25, is forced to return home to the family zoo when his father announces he is getting remarried. On the way, he enlists Laura – a rudderless young woman who’s just stopped his train by chaining herself to the tracks – to play his girlfriend. Soon his homecoming dredges up unspoken grievances and forbidden feelings towards his sister. Teetering between vivid dreamworld, childhood parable and tear-jerker, Antony Cordier’s taboo-busting fable is a soulful vivisection of family ties.

Director: Antony Cordier
Starring: Félix Moati, Laetitia Dosch

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