French Film Review: La Vie Scolaire

French Film Review: La Vie Scolaire

Crack open the popcorn and head over to Netflix for this critically-acclaimed, award-winning slice of French school life. The comedy-drama tells the tale of new guidance counsellor Samia (Zita Hanrot), who tries to turn around an embattled middle school in the impoverished Paris suburb of Saint Denis. It takes the classic theme of dedicated teacher meets troubled youth and turns it on its head.

Full of wise-cracking energy which gives the film its lift, it’s both gritty and heartfelt, managing to warm the cockles without sinking into clichés. Without giving anything away, you might want to have the tissues handy.

Directors: Grand Corps Malade & Mehdi Idir
Starring: Liam Pierron, Zita Hanrot, Moussa Monsaly

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