Time Travel in Lodève: The Renaissance of a Superb Archeological Museum

Time Travel in Lodève: The Renaissance of a Superb Archeological Museum

The town of Lodève, in southern France’s beautiful Hérault département, has
long been known for the richness of its science and archaeology museum, and the quality of the temporary exhibitions held here.

After four long years of renovations on the original mansion, plus a major expansion into a 520m2 adjoining space, the museum has grown by more than twice its size and is now ready to welcome visitors again.

The scientific scope of the permanent collection is unrivalled, drawing researchers from all over Europe. What’s more, the centre has a knack for presenting its treasures and artefacts in a ‘slice of life’ style, making displays fun and accessible for visitors of any age and background. Not an easy achievement, considering the collection spans a whopping 540 million years!

Lodève Museum. © Projectiles

As well as being one of the Occitanie region’s most prized natural history and science museums, Lodève has been hailed as the leading archaeology and prehistory centre in Hérault. And to cap it all, the multifaceted museum has earned quite the kudos thanks to its extensive collection of artworks by acclaimed French sculptor Paul Dardé. The long tradition of exceptional exhibitions continues with the inaugural Faun, frighten me! Images of the faun from Antiquity to Picasso, a collection of art focusing on the mythical half-human, half-goat creature of lore and its symbolism in art and literature.

Make sure to plan a lengthy visit to the new and improved Lodève Museum on your next trip to the sunny south of France.

Opening July 8. Musée de Lodève, Square Georges Auric, 34700 Lodève. Closed Mondays. Open from 10 am to 6 pm. Full price ticket is 10 euros. www.museedelodeve.fr

From France Today magazine

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