10 Reasons to Visit Océanopolis in Brest



10 Reasons to Visit Océanopolis in Brest

Are you a lover of the sea at heart? Or simply curious about delving into the mysteries of the world’s oceans? Océanopolis is an aquarium, a museum and a research centre located in Brest that focuses on the oceans and their biodiversity. Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should visit on your next trip to Brittany. 

1. Take a world tour of the oceans

A journey through three very different maritime spaces for a total change of scenery. Immerse yourself in the Brittany, tropical and polar pavilions. You will discover environments with multiple temperatures and a myriad of colours. 

© Oceanopolis

2. Meet the cute otters 

On the otter trail, discover two fascinating species: European otters and sea otters. Pukiq, Tangiq and Matchaq, the three sea otters, are the only representatives of their species in France. 

Marvel at the sea otters © Oceanopolis

3. Learn about Breton biodiversity

In the Brittany pavilion, dive into a universe of diversity to meet the smallest organisms called “plankton” to the most imposing seals of the Brittany coast, passing through a multitude of species, each more surprising than the next.

Watch the seals dance in the Brittany section © Oceanopolis

4. Cool off at the polar pavilion

At the heart of the Polar pavilion, the journey takes place in the heart of the ice. The visit begins with an encounter with three species of penguins: gentoo penguins, rockhopper penguins and king penguins. Further on, Arctic seals will amaze you. 

© Océanopolis A.CORCUFF

5. Get away from it all at the tropical pavilion

An explosion of colours awaits you at the tropical pavilion where the warm seas are home to many multicoloured fish, incredible coral reefs and impressive sharks. 

Tropical tank © Oceanopolis

6. Go backstage or become a healer for a morning

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes? Océanopolis invites you to take a behind-the-scenes tour with a scientific mediator. If you dream of being an animal caretaker, the “Carer for a day” experience will allow you to share the daily life of the caretakers when meeting penguins, seals and otters. 

Behind the scenes of the aquariums © L-Oeil-de-Paco

7. Live an original experience at the heart of research at Océanolab

In the company of a scientific mediator, discover this unique research laboratory in the world where researchers in residence share their knowledge with you. You will learn more about the impact of climate change and microplastics on Brittany’s flat oyster reefs. 

New in 2023: visit the labs with a scientific mediator © L-Oeil-de-Paco

8. Enjoy a gourmet break at Rest’O

Treat yourself to a lunch break with healthy and local products and enjoy an exceptional view of the harbour of Brest. Rest’O is the 100th Ocean Friendly Restaurant to sign the Surfrider Foundation charter. 

Rest’O on the rooftop of Océanopolis © L-Oeil-de-Paco

9. Change your view of the ocean

The protection of the ocean is today more important than ever. Océanopolis offers you a better understanding of the major themes of current issues: climate change, erosion of biodiversity, pollution. Activities for all ages are offered throughout the year and especially during school holidays to better understand these problems. 

Discover a new facet of the ocean © shutterstock

10. Extend your visit to 70.8, at the Ateliers des Capucins

Did you know that the ocean covers 70.8% of the surface of our planet? Over more than 1,000 m² of exhibition space, the 70.8 science museum takes a 360° look at the ocean and its multiple challenges: climate, renewable energies, transport, health, food, biodiversity, etc.

For more information, visit www.oceanopolis.com

© Anna Guillerm

Lead photo credit : The Tropical aquarium © L-Oeil-de-Paco

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