For that elusive combination of style and comfort, look no further than Eskandar. This soaring 3,000-square-foot boutique, set back on the charming rue Princesse, houses London-based designer Eskandar Nabavi’s exquisite separates for women and men. In contrast to form-fitting styles flattering to only a handful of women, here volumes are generous—without being matronly—and kind to all body types; masterful draping renders a tall woman statuesque and an ample woman elegant.

Nabavi learned his craft as a young boy in Tehran, where he was taught to knit at his grandmother’s knee—the beginning and end of his formal training. Now 48, the designer has gained a large and loyal following of women who swear by his sensualist’s feel for fabric and color, and the impeccable quality of his clothes, which only seem to improve with time and wear.

Nabavi works with the best cashmere, silk, linen and merino wool, mostly in black, charcoal, navy, brown and beige, punctuated by gorgeous, saturated colors: claret, burnt orange, marigold, sky blue. Handmade necklaces, including a chunky model in sleek ebony, or flowing printed silk scarves are attention-grabbing additions to the look. As if more allure were needed, there’s also a choice selection of artisan ceramics and French antiques.

7 rue Princesse, 6th,

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Originally published in the September 2011 issue of France Today

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