Eco Threads: French Clothing Brand FAGUO Plants Trees

Eco Threads: French Clothing Brand FAGUO Plants Trees

There’s nothing quite like splashing out on new apparel and saving the planet at the same time. With French clothing brand FAGUO, that’s precisely what’s on the table. Having celebrated their 10th year in 2019, the Paris-based company proves that fashion can co-exist with function by dangling an enticing carrot in front of eco-conscious fashionistas: for every item you buy, a tree will be planted somewhere in France. Inspired!

FAGUO’s roots snake all the way back to 2009, when founders and friends Frédéric and Nicolas were a pair of bright-eyed 22-year-olds. What started as a humble shoe brand evolved into a French start-up and, finally, a fashion label with a conscience.

Staggeringly, over one million trees have already been planted, and the projects are varied – sales go towards new forests, reforestation after devastation and small-but-mighty hedgerows. This could mean a birch for every backpack; a shrub for every shoe; a – well, you get the picture!

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From France Today magazine

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